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Reiki: A tool for personal and global transformation

by Hannah Lambert(more info)

listed in reiki, originally published in issue 17 - January 1997

The story of Dr Usui's rediscovery of the ancient hands-on healing system has now become familiar knowledge and its successes in the physical domain are well documented. It is proven that Reiki has a direct and profound effect on the spiritual and emotional lives of those who practise it.

Reiki is a simple method of hands-on and distant healing for people, animals and plants. You can use it to heal yourself and also others. Reiki is a Japanese word which holds two meanings: Rei means universal and Ki describes the essence of life force energy.

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A Reiki treatment can last from one to 11/2 hours. The recipient lies fully clothed on a massage couch and is not required to participate in any direct form. The healer acts as a channel through which energy flows. The hands are kept still in each position for at least five minutes in order to activate, enhance and direct the innate healing intelligence of the receiver into whichever parts of the body it is most needed. Reiki heals the heart, mind and spirit.

There are so many therapies which rely on the fallible human brain to direct healing but Reiki seems able to accelerate our inner growth at a remarkable pace. The method of simplicity makes it easy to learn and the universal and non dogmatic approach makes it readily accepted, irrespective of whichever spiritual path you may be following. In fact, some regard Reiki as a path in itself. It is 'smart energy'. In the same way that we rely on a flower to unfold in just the right sequence, we can also rely on Reiki to go just where it is needed in just the right amount. What a blessing!

The essence of Reiki and its beauty lies in its great simplicity. Even a child can be initiated into Reiki. Years of factual study are not relevant or necessary. The initiation process is a kind of satori, or instant awakening, which comes into our lives when we are ready to embrace it – simply a revelation of that which is already there. To allow Reiki into our lives all we have to do is let go and receive. The greatest challenge we face as Reiki channels is to surrender to the notion that we are controlling or directing Reiki. And as we surrender to Reiki it becomes easier to surrender to the process of life. Throughout London Reiki exchange groups are sprouting up everywhere. Sharing this gift is part of the essence, spirit and joy of Reiki. Here are some accounts from people who are now visiting the Centre for Reiki Healing in London, they describe their own personal journey through Reiki.

Tania – 'After I had my first Reiki I was in heaven. It was as if my body turned off, I sensed a shower of gentle warmth enveloping me, then I went into a beautiful transcendental state – part meditation, part dream, part sleep. A sense of calmness came over me. I felt I was able to still my mind just for the moment and truly be in the moment. Transformed onto a very deep and subtle level, I felt the presence of an old friend I had missed for a long time. At times I felt I was a child again. At the end of the session it was as if I had been purged by tears, I felt cleansed. As I walked home through the busy Portobello Market I found myself lifted by an inner smile. After a few sessions I rediscovered my love of drawing and began to attract more loving, supportive people into my life. Reiki leads me to a place where it is so easy to be forgiving without having to sit like a Buddha for hundreds of years. It makes me more fearless in being who I want to be.

'To start with I had a bit of a problem accepting that something so profound was so effortless. I learnt First Degree in one weekend course and that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I do not need to put myself in a special mental state or visualise for the treatment to work and neither does the one receiving. All that is necessary is the intention – conscious or unconscious – that the Reiki should flow and a willingness to receive. I have even done treatments while conversing in normal waking consciousness with outstanding results. It is a great feeling that this healing can be given any time, anywhere. I'm learning to accept this every day miracle.'

Maria, who is now at the second degree stage describes how her outlook has changed. 'Reiki has gently dissolved the inner barriers which prevent me from loving myself and from this place I'm finding it so much easier to love and forgive others. Isn't that what it's all about? My relationships with others have enhanced and deepened and now I have found the strength to break free from abusive situations. After my initiation the amount of synchronicitous events increased dramatically. What was an occasional or one-off experience has now become a way of life. I feel I am witnessing life in a more detached way yet at the same time participating more fully and joyfully in the drama. I have taken a quantum leap forward, Reiki has become my spiritual rocket fuel !'

Everyone has a choice to stay where they are or to grow. Reiki gently dissolves the inner obstacles that can block the ability to love and respect one's self and in turn others more completely.

What is so uplifting and unexpected about this process is the freedom not to be weighed down by seriousness, often Reiki can make you giggle and laughter is an excellent means to relieve tension. 'At times I have felt like a naughty child, giggling for no reason, celebrating life. Universal Life Force Energy has a wonderful sense of humour and encourages us to use it.'

Reiki upsets the apple cart, removing the indefinable boundaries between healer and healee, expert and novice, guru and disciple. As we surrender to and trust the mystery and miracle of Reiki we also find it easier to trust the process of life. There is so much more to learn about ourselves and why we are here. It is light driving out darkness.

Even after giving a session the practitioner can feel relaxed and refreshed. Reiki never takes. It only gives and gives. If your mind is always rushing, finding something to worry about, receiving Reiki can transform the chaos on the outside to the peace within. 'What I had found so hard to achieve during meditation was effortless and enjoyable. For me Reiki is a feeling of being tucked up in a warm blanket of unconditionally loving energy.'

Mark, a musician by profession and now in the third degree of Reiki reveals another hidden truth. 'I spent many years learning to play an instrument but as a Reiki channel I am learning to be an instrument. When I am giving a Reiki treatment I imagine myself simply as a hollow bamboo flute. I am not directing the air through the flute nor the music it produces, for that is the role of the intelligence which guides the universal life force energy. For me surrendering to the flow of Reiki has become a form of meditation.

'It also teaches me a loving and easy way to put aside the questioning mind. Now it seems easier to perceive the intelligent force and loving presence guiding and guarding my life leading me towards greater wholeness, abundance, fulfilment and health. I just have to let the process happen. Finally I'm able to take responsibility for my own healing and see myself transforming and growing, especially spiritually and emotionally – sometimes slowly, sometimes spectacularly and by being attuned to Reiki, I feel I am playing my part in this marvellous process of transformation we are all witnessing on a planetary level. As I channel Reiki to myself I am increasing my rate of vibration and therefore that of the whole world. Change starts at home and I feel since initiation I am making great leaps.'

When we learn Reiki the ability to heal ourselves lies in our own hands. This is real self-empowerment. We also learn that we cannot heal another, only facilitate their own self-healing process, and the task of the teacher is to develop the pupil's own inner teacher. David explains how this happens – 'Within the second degree training I have learnt to use symbols and send healing energy to the original cause of pain, now I'm able to move on from past experiences and face new challenges. I have ceased to perceive even the so called bad things that happened to me as negative and now people are responding to me differently and more openly. So many times I have returned home carrying some worry, anger or upset within me. Now I lay my hands upon myself, the Reiki flows and begins to dissolve that which is not part of the essential me. Life still has its challenges, maybe more challenges, but now I am able to see them as real opportunities for growth.'

As we work with Reiki we gradually appreciate that this is divine energy flowing through us and all living things. Feelings of alienation and isolation lose their grip and are replaced with a sense of compassion and connection to others and the environment. 'It is a joy to see traditional British reserve crumble and barriers dissolve and the idea that we are all divine starts to make more sense. I feel like I am in one big Reiki family.'

Reiki is like a prayer which is always answered, it is proof of God's boundless and unconditional love for us all. We ask for Reiki and it flows through us and into us until we are fulfilled. Every day I give thanks for this wonderful gift. Sometimes I stop and ask 'What have I done to deserve this?' The answer 'Nothing, I am Reiki'.

The Centre for Reiki Healing and Training offers regular courses at First Degree £95.00, Second Degree £230.00 and also at mastership level. The mastership process requires commitment from Master and Student and at the Centre for Reiki Healing and Training is something akin to apprenticeship.

Further Information

For further information contact : Josef Alberts Tel: 020 8896 0377 or 0956 266610 or write to the Centre for Reiki Healing and Training, 25 Brougham Road, Acton, London, W3.


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