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Katherine Day was born in Southampton and moved to Bristol in 2004. She currently resides in a beautiful countryside village on the outskirts of Bristol with her husband Simon. In 2009 she was officially diagnosed with ME/Fibromyalgia and Depression and shortly afterwards ceased working altogether and became housebound. After suffering for years with various ailments and health complaints of varying degrees she grew tired of trying all the products and general medicines available on the market with limited success and then she discovered the ancient complementary medicine alternative - Aloe Vera. The positive results she achieved through using this natural alternative in her diet and daily skincare routine have led to the commencement of her own business recommending and distributing the same organic health and beauty products to others (www.kday.myforever.biz). With a keen interest in all things natural and spiritual, her main goal for the future is to help others achieve the same levels of health and well-being that she has through sharing her experience and wisdom. Katherine may be contacted via kday.flp@btinternet.com orĀ katherine775@btinternet.com

Articles by Katherine Day

  1. Recovery from ME, Fibromyalgia and Depression with the Lightning Process

    Listed in cfs me long covid

    The author describes her descent into despair as a result of all the losses incurred as her ME/Fibromyalgia relapses meant leaving work, diminishing finances, strain on her marriage...

  2. How Aloe Vera Has Helped My General Health and Well-being

    Listed in aloe vera

    The author had suffered from childhood with dry and sensitive skin, diagnosed as eczema/dermatitis, as well as niggling health problems such as mouth ulcers and cold sores. She had...

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