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Julian Baker is Dissection course leader of Functional Fascia www.functionalfascia.com   www.functionalfascia.com/courses-and-content/ Originally from London, Julian Baker undertook training in The Bowen Technique when he was living in Australia. He initially trained in reflexology but he sought out Bowen training after being impressed by very successful treatment for an acute neck injury. Returning to Britain in 1992, he initially ran a busy clinic but soon began teaching the technique full time in response to the tremendous demand for training. Julian uses ‘hands-on-hands’ teaching, demonstrations, analogies and case histories to pass on The Bowen Technique in a unique and animated way. Many people comment on the fact that as well as having learned an extremely valuable tool, they have had a course full of relaxed fun, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and have points clarified. Julian is the most experienced Bowen Therapy Teacher in Europe and has used this experience to develop a comprehensive teacher training programme. Julian has recently started to work with the subtleties of the technique, moving into an intuitive approach and addressing the role of the therapist in the process of treatment. Julian may be contacted on Tel: 01373 461812 / 07778 641171;  julian@thebowentechnique.com    www.thebowentechnique.com   www.functionalfascia.com

Articles by Julian Baker

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    The Bowen Technique is becoming the therapy that many are talking about and wanting to learn. With its incredible effectiveness and ease of use, therapists from all fields are findi...

  2. Dissection FAQs

    Listed in anatomy and physiology

    In 1996 I attended my 1st dissection course with Gil Hedley in San Francisco. The whole process was a revelation to me; since then I have started to run my own dissection courses al...

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