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  1. Anatomization of some Anatomical Terms

    by Joel Carbonnel

    This article is an analysis of the practical results of being misled by the erroneous use of a word, in this case, the application by anatomists of the word ‘extensor’ to ‘the post...

  2. Atlas Asymmetry the Overlooked Phenomenon

    by M Amir

    This article focuses on benefits of combining TMJ treatments with correction of the Atlas, the first cervical vertebrae which, in most of us, is out of equilibrium and dislocated a...

  3. Bodywork: The Relevance of Subclavius

    by Caroline Barrow

    This article touches on the importance of small muscles in the body such as the pectoralis minor, sternocleidomastoid, omohyoid, etc., and focuses on the subclavius, a small, long,...

  4. Dissection FAQs

    by Julian Baker

    In 1996 I attended my 1st dissection course with Gil Hedley in San Francisco. The whole process was a revelation to me; since then I have started to run my own dissection courses al...

  5. Muscles of the Hip, Thigh, Leg and Foot - Extract Concise Book of Muscles

    by Chris Jarmey and John Sharkey

    This is an extract from The Concise Book of Muscles 3rd Edition by Chris Jarmey / John Sharkey. Lotus Publishing. 2015.

  6. Spring Walker - Excerpt from Born to Walk

    by James Earls

    The effectiveness of our bipedal gait has been honed and matured by evolution over the last 4 million years. Walking on two legs was something of a compromise of mobility over stabi...

  7. The Anatomy and Physiology of Sex, a Eulogy and other matters

    by Allan Rudolf

    What do sex and pain have in common? Each person can answer this in their own way; there are lots of possibilities. For me, they are both subjects on which so much has been written...

  8. The Functional Anatomy of Walking

    by James Earls

    The body in a flowing gait is like a well-honed orchestra, each section communicates with the other, rising and falling in harmony with ease and grace, a pleasure to the senses. Ho...

  9. The Glutes and the Gait Cycle - Extract from The Vital Glutes

    by John Gibbons

    We take walking for granted - it is something that we just do without understanding what exactly is going on - until we suffer pain somewhere in our body, and then the simple action...

  10. The Importance of Anatomy to all Healthcare Practitioners

    by Caroline Barrow

    Caroline Barrow discusses the importance of studying anatomy for all those working in healthcare. She points out that so often in natural medicine there is a pull between the scien...

  11. The Relevance of - Ribs

    by Caroline Barrow

    This column focuses on the relevance of our ribs and the small joints associated with them, including their function and interplay with other organs in the body, namely the lungs a...

  12. The Relevance of Piriformis

    by Caroline Barrow

    This Expert Column is a must read for anyone involved in treating people with lower back pain, leg pain and sciatica. Caroline discusses the possibility that these problems may be ...

  13. The Relevance of the Diaphragm

    by Caroline Barrow

    This column focuses on the anatomical diaphragm in relation to its respiratory function.

  14. The Relevance of The Parasympathetic Nervous System

    by Caroline Barrow

    This column follows on from an earlier column (in Issue 142 of PH - December 2007) by the author on the Relevance of the Sympathetic Nervous System.

  15. The Relevance of the Sympathetic Nervous System

    by Caroline Barrow

    This column looks at the body’s Sympathetic Nervous System, how it affects us and how this particular range of nerves gets around the body.

  16. The Relevance of the Viscera

    by Caroline Barrow

    This column focuses on the connection between musculoskeletal issues and our internal organs and the discovery made by French osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral when exploring the anatom...

  17. The Relevance of... the TMJ: Part I: A Little Bit of Anatomy to get your Teeth Into!

    by Caroline Barrow

    This article is an interesting, if highly technical description of the functioning of this very important and complex joint – the temporo-mandibular joint.

  18. The Relevance of.... The TMJ - Part 2. Some muscles to chew on...

    by Caroline Barrow

    The author continues here her detailed technical analysis of the TMJ. It is a clear exposition of a very complex part of our anatomy, which would be an extremely useful chapter in...

  19. The Role of Anatomy and Physiology in Bodywork

    by Darien Pritchard

    At present Anatomy and Physiology sit uneasily in much bodywork training and practice. In this article I want to look at their place and relevance.

  20. The Sacrum - Anatomy of its Structure and Energy

    by David Lauterstein

    The spine is naturally curved. The curves of spine enable us to support 10 times the weight than if it were straight. We are born in kyphosis – the primary curve is exemplified in...

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