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  1. Bowen - Moving Blocked Energy

    by Kayode Olafimihan and Susannah Hall

    Bowen has multiple applications on both a physical and emotional level, and its successful use in pre- and post-natal care and in treating frozen shoulder and eczema and in relea...

  2. Bowen Technique for Back Pain and Other Conditions

    by Liz James

    The author concludes that many of her clients who have presented with long-standing complaints find great relief after just a small number of treatments. It is, she adds, a therapy...

  3. Bowen Working on Physical and Energy Levels

    by Kayode Olafimihan and Susannah Hall

    Bowen is a simple and gentle therapy in which skin slack is drawn back with the fingers and thumbs to the edge of a muscle, tendon or ligament at a particular point on the body unt...

  4. Case Study: A Shoulder/Hand Mystery Solved with the Bowen Technique

    by Janie Godfrey

    This column focuses on the Bowen Technique. The author demonstrates the positive effects of this treatment on a 55-year-old man suffering pain in his right hand and lacking movemen...

  5. Clinical Experiences of a Bowen Therapist

    by Stuart Rappaport

    It was the mid-fifties in Victoria, Australia and a research pharmacist had an idea. Given the right resources, the human body had the innate capacity to repair itself – without in...

  6. From Bonesetter to Bowen: Exploration of the Therapy Inspired by Tom Bowen

    by Tim Willcocks

    I claim that esoteric events brought me into contact with the Bowen world. Plunging in at the deep end, this complete novice to bodyworker was mesmerized by the stupendous depth and...

  7. Gentle Touch Bowen Therapy

    by Joanne Figov B.A. R.G.N.

    Racked with five years of pain, his face grey with suffering, the car accident victim's last resort before surgery was the Bowen Technique. After a few gentle finger movements acro...

  8. Neurostructural Integration Technique (Advanced Bowen Therapy)

    by Michael J Nixon-Livy

    The Neurostructural Integration Technique® (NST) is an extremely powerful multidimensional technique, which has been specifically developed for the ongoing dynamic integration of t...

  9. The Bowen Technique - Some Personal Experiences of What It Is, What It Does, and What It Doesn't

    by Tim Willcocks

    What therapist can claim to treat 13,000 patients a year; that's an average of about 50 per day; and find that 90% of them require only 2-3 treatments in all? Wishful thinking? Wel...

  10. The Bowen Technique Explained

    by Julian Baker

    The Bowen Technique is becoming the therapy that many are talking about and wanting to learn. With its incredible effectiveness and ease of use, therapists from all fields are find...

  11. The Bowen Technique for Pain Relief

    by Gerri Shapiro

    The Bowen Technique was developed in Australia in the 1950s. Tom Bowen had a special talent. He claimed that without medical or healthcare training he could feel tiny vibrations in...

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