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Jill Rosemary Davies HNHIr PhD is Senior Herbal Practitioner and co-director of Herbs Hands Healing Ltd. She has designed all of the company's herbal formulae, which she has been using in her own clinic for over 20 years. She has practised Herbal Medicine since 1982 and has also written 15 books on the subject. Jill has worked on Herbal Medicine Associations and Regulatory Groups for over a decade. She is the vice-chair of the Association of Master Herbalists (AMH), a member of the British Herbal Medicine Association (BHMA) and a member of the European Herbal Practitioners Association (EHPA). One of her books has just been republished by Ten Speed Press CA in January 2004 and is entitled The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing and Nutrition. She can be contacted on: Tel: 0845 345 3727; info@herbshandshealing.co.uk; www.herbshandshealing.co.uk

Articles by Jill Rosemary Davies

  1. The Incredible Journey of Herbal Medicine

    Listed in herbal medicine

    The article describes the huge benefits to health achieved by the use of herbal medicines, looking particularly at certain herbs that have made an immense difference in relieving th...

  2. Western Herbal Medicine and The Menopause

    Listed in women's health

    Many plants have medicinal properties that reduce menopausal symptoms. In Germany, 70% of physicians prescribe herbal remedies, which are covered by insurance.

  3. Your Healthy Heart: Herbal and Nutritional Approaches

    Listed in heart

    The author argues the case for integrated medicine as an approach to an imbalanced heart or circulatory system and the precursors such as low or high blood pressure, angina, hardene...

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