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  1. 6 Surprising Benefits of Probiotics for a Healthy Heart

    by Mary Toscano

    The way to your heart is through your stomach. And now, even cardiologists agree! Bacteria is vital for heart health, because your gut flora works on the food you eat. The compatibi...

  2. A Choice of Treatment for the Heart

    by Catherine M Crawford

    Over the past four years, Catherine Crawford, an Aromatherapy practitioner, has experienced arrhythmia of the heart. In July 2002, while having to wait for a doctor's appointment...

  3. Acidity Theory of Atherosclerosis: History, Pathophysiology, Therapeutics and Risk Factors - A Mini Review

    by Carlos ETB Monteiro

    During the nineties, in a conversation with Quintiliano H de Mesquita - my father in law, a brilliant cardiologist and professor - I asked to him to express his thoughts about cho...

  4. Cardiovascular Health: New Nutrition Strategies Part I

    by Penny Crowther

    The article discusses research which challenges the supposed link between high cholesterol levels and the risk of heart attack. There is a new theory that cholesterol is used as ...

  5. Cardiovascular Health: New Nutrition Strategies Part II

    by Penny Crowther

    Despite decades of health advice to reduce saturated fat and cholesterol, heart disease is still the number one killer in the UK and a leading cause of death worldwide. Prefacing h...

  6. Cardiovascular Health: New Nutrition Strategies Part III

    by Penny Crowther

    In this part, the author discusses the role of the optimum fats in cardiovascular health, and explores the emotional aspect of heart problems in the context of Chinese medicine and...

  7. Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

    by Kate Neil

    In this Expert Regular Column, Kate Neil looks at the risk of cardiovascular disease and what can be done to reduce such risk. She gives the case study of a 45 year old man with a ...

  8. Chelation Research Merits Priority Attention

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    The statistics regarding Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) make grim reading. In the UK, CHD affects 24% of all men and 25% of all women – with 150,000 ...

  9. Cholesterol a Symptom, not the Disease

    by Peter Dingle PhD

    The author firstly sets out to refute the popular assumption that cholesterol is the major factor causing cardiovascular disease, and that lowering cholesterol, through the use of ...

  10. Clinical Update on Bergamot BPF for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

    by Dr. James Ehrlich

    Bergamot 37-47% Polyphenols (BPF) is a safe, highly concentrated polyphenolic extract of the Calabrian (Italy) citrus bergamot fruit that is available to both individuals and physi...

  11. Controlling High Blood Pressure Hypertension

    by Margaret Wardhaugh

    Often called ‘the silent killer’ Hypertension or High Blood Pressure can be incredibly dangerous because it can occur with no visible symptoms. Persistently high blood pressure dram...

  12. Coronary Thrombosis Theory of Heart Attacks: Science or Creed?

    by Carlos ETB Monteiro

    The thrombogenic theory, that advocates the myocardial infarction as consequence of coronary thrombosis, was introduced by the American Dr. James Bryan Herrick in 1912,[1] being ent...

  13. Could a Phobia of Fat and Cholesterol Harm Your Heart?

    by Naomi Mead

    The vilification of fat began around 50 years ago on the back of an epidemiological study by Ancel Keys[1], which showed a relationship between fat consumption and incidence of coro...

  14. David's Heart

    by David Evans

    This article, written in the first person with the heart itself as the narrator, is a warning of the damage which can be inflicted on the heart and indeed, its owner's life, by a p...

  15. Dietary Recommendations to Reduce Heart Disease Risk

    by Dr Jeffrey Bland

    Dr Jeffrey Bland is a giant in the field of nutritional research. This recently published book describes fascinating research about nutritional interaction with our genes, and how ...

  16. Digitalis and Strophanthin in Stable Ischemic Heart Disease and to Restrain or Reverse Heart Attacks

    by Carlos ETB Monteiro

    The first therapeutic use of digitalis with beneficial effects for heart disease was described by William Withering in 1785. Withering did not understand how this drug acted on card...

  17. Does Inflammation Cause Coronary Atherosclerosis?

    by Carlos ETB Monteiro

    This presentation will discuss various influences that affect inflammation, such as the pivotal role of sympathetic nervous system stimulation and humoral influences that also regu...

  18. Does Lactic Acidosis Cause Coronary Artery Calcification?

    by Carlos ETB Monteiro

    Coronary artery calcification is highly prevalent in patients with coronary heart disease and is associated with an increase in major adverse cardiovascular events. It may also have...

  19. Essential Fatty Acids: Treatment for a Heart Condition

    by Dr Jav Nazemi

    It's a cliché, but out of adversity there is often triumph. In the case of this story, however, my family's adversity led to more than triumph; it led to the introduction of a new ...

  20. Evidence-based Practice: Cardiovascular Health - A Different Perspective

    by Alyssa Burns-Hill

    In this column, the author states that heart disease and stroke are the main cause of death in the UK, and that more than one in three deaths in 2005 was attributed to cardiovasc...

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