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Elizabeth Irvine is the mother of three children, nurse, freelance health writer and yoga enthusiast. www.truewellbeing.net

Articles by Elizabeth Irvine

  1. A Workshop with Sandra Sabatini

    Listed in yoga

    The author, who was initially exceedingly stressed out, late due to train cancellations, eloquently describes an inspirational workshop she attended with the renowned yoga teacher S...

  2. Yoga and Breathing Exercises for Mother and Child

    Listed in yoga

    Stress is not just for adults - adults and children alike can become worn down by the pressures of day-to-day living. This article offers a range of practical and fun remedies that ...

  3. Case Study Issue 111: Yoga Therapy for Attention Deficit Disorder

    Listed in case studies

    The author, a registered nurse, author and yoga instructress shares the effectiveness of yoga therapy on a highly emotionally and physically fatigued mother and her eight year old s...

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