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Dr Neil Slade  PhD LCH RSHom. Neil is a senior lecturer at two leading complementary therapy colleges and has two busy homeopathic practices. He is the Deputy Director of Pure Medicine in London's Harley Street. He regularly contributes articles to the national press, radio and television. Neil can be contacted on Tel: 01372 361669;  NeilSld@aol.com     www.neilslade.co.uk

Articles by Dr Neil Slade

  1. Homeopathy & Colitis

    Listed in homeopathy

    Eminent homeopath Dr Neil Slade gives us the case history of Emily, a 45-year-old mother suffering from acute ulcerative colitis. At the time of her first consultation, her symptoms...

  2. Organ Remedies, Complex Homeopathy and Infertility

    Listed in homeopathy

    Regular contributor Neil Slade looks at the ongoing argument between classical homeopathy (prescribing one remedy) and complex homeopathy (prescribing more than one remedy). The aut...

  3. A Case of Chronic Psoriasis

    Listed in skincare

    In his Regular Expert Column, Dr Slade looks at the homeopathic treatment of psoriasis, demonstrating that it can be extremely effective.

  4. The Case of the Concert Pianist

    Listed in homeopathy

    In this study, Neil Slade discusses the case of a concert pianist who had an unfortunate accident in which he sliced his thumb, palm and two fingers with glass. Several tendons and ...

  5. The Use of Homeopathy in a Case of Cancer

    Listed in homeopathy

    When Harriet attended the authors clinic, she was 35 years old and had been suffering from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (NHL) for eighteen months. The primary tumour was growing round a ma...

  6. Vaccination Damage and Homeopathy

    Listed in vaccination

    The patient, an eight-year-old girl, had been diagnosed with epilepsy following a meningitis C vaccination. During her first consultation with Dr Slade, a homeopath, she had five fi...

  7. The Case of a 'Naughty Boy'

    Listed in homeopathy

    In this article the author, a Homeopath, presents his case study of a highly destructive five year-old boy - whose behaviour became more extreme as he got older - i.e. shouting back...

  8. The Role of Homeopathy in Grief

    Listed in homeopathy

    This Column begins by saying that we all will be faced with loss and grief at some time in our lives, whether suddenly, or expected. In either case, the grief can be overwhelming, b...

  9. Rugby Players, Homeopathy and a Painful Coccyx

    Listed in back pain

    This article focuses on homeopathic treatment for a painful coccyx sustained by a fall on concrete steps.

  10. The Case of the Reluctant Alcoholic

    Listed in homeopathy

    In this column the author gets to the root of a clients alcoholic problem – a well-groomed and stylish, 30-something banker who had risen up the corporate ladder quite rapidl...

  11. A Case of Angelman's Syndrome

    Listed in homeopathy

    This column presents a case summary of a baby with Angelmans Syndrome. As the condition is not widely known, the author explains what it is and how the baby was diagnosed with it.

  12. A Case of a Stubborn Anal Fissure

    Listed in homeopathy

    This column focuses on homeopathic treatment for a 30-something woman plagued by an anal fissure for some years who, despite undergoing surgery twice for her condition, was still ex...

  13. The Case of the Stubborn Verrucas (& Asthma & Stress Anxiety)

    Listed in homeopathy

    In this column the author shares how his homeopathic remedies helped a client, referred from a local chiropodist, with his verrucas, asthma and anxieties.

  14. A Case of Treating a Foetus

    Listed in homeopathy

    The author presents the case of a pregnant client diagnosed to be carrying a foetus with lung problems – specifically Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation.

  15. The Case of The Stuck Man

    Listed in homeopathy

    In this column the author says homeopathy, like many of the energy medicine therapies, assumes that good health equates to a free flow of energy through the body. Homeopaths refer t...

  16. Homeopathic Casebook: A Case of Chronic Chest Infections Complicated by Aspergillus Infection and Chronic Asthma

    Listed in homeopathy

    This expert column demonstrates the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies on a 30 year-old female with chest infection complicated by Aspergillus infection/allergy and chronic asthm...

  17. Birth Anxiety and the Overdue Baby

    Listed in homeopathy

    This Expert Column describes the successful homeopathic treatment of a woman having a normal pregnancy but extreme anxiety due to a previous difficult birth experience.

  18. Homeopathic Casebook: A Case of Hot, Swollen Breasts!

    Listed in homeopathy

    This article is a homeopathic case study of treatment for a case of mastitis in his clients right breast, in the context of breast-feeding a baby whose preference was for the left b...

  19. A Case of Homeopathy and Terrifying Dreams

    Listed in homeopathy

    This describes the case of Andrew, a practical person with a satisfying personal life and rewarding job which he enjoyed. He came for a consultation about terrifying nightmares whic...

  20. A Case of Copious, Foul, Spluttering Diarrhoea

    Listed in homeopathy

    This article is a detailed explanation of homeopathic remedies chosen for the treatment first of diarrhoea in an eighteen-month-old boy, and subsequently for the same in his mother...

  21. A Case of Remedy Relationships

    Listed in homeopathy

    Leon was a five year old boy brought into clinic by his mother. For just over a year he had been suffering from recurrent bacterial conjunctivitis.

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