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  1. A Case of Chronic Psoriasis

    by Dr Neil Slade

    In his Regular Expert Column, Dr Slade looks at the homeopathic treatment of psoriasis, demonstrating that it can be extremely effective.

  2. An Homeopathic Footnote

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Tim is forty eight years of age and a successful businessman. He came to see me a year ago having had problems with his feet for the previous eight years. After an episode of exce...

  3. Are Phytochemicals the Future of Skin Protection from Ultraviolet Radiation?

    by Claudia Louch

    Solar UVR is divided into three types of radiations: UVA (320-400 nm), UVB (290-320 nm), and UVC (200-290 nm). Different wavelengths and energy associated with UV subdivision corre...

  4. Atopic Eczema - Help for Sufferers

    by Gary Jackson

    The itch, the scratch, wet bandages covering the skin, cotton mittens, low self-esteem, exasperated parents, creams and lotions, hopelessness, sleepless nights, spells in hospital ...

  5. Beauty Secrets Hidden in Indian Herbs

    by Dr Deepak Acharya and Dr Garima Sancheti

    This article focuses on ten of the most important Indian medicinal plants used in beauty care and the herbal practices of the Patalkot tribe in Central India.

  6. Case Study: How to Cope and Live with Psoriasis

    by Elena Schalburg

    Dan has suffered for 17 years with psoriasis when he found Elena’s Nature Collection via a friend, and his life changed forever.

  7. Case Study: Hypnotherapy for Psoriasis

    by Sally Stubbs

    A case of psoriasis

  8. Effects of Long Winter upon Eczema and Psoriasis

    by Elena Schalburg

    Winter appears to be dragging on this year and even though it is technically spring we all know it isn’t! To have the worst winter and spring for more than 18 years has taken its to...

  9. Egg Oil for Hair Care

    by Vidya Kinare

    Hair problems! Like common cold, hair disorders are frequent visitors in everyone’s life. There is increasing dissatisfaction towards one’s hair appearance and the invariable consta...

  10. Healthy Skin: Nature is the Best Doctor

    by Klaus Ferlow

    When it comes to healthy skin, it is best to let nature lead the way, believes the author of this feature. He tells us that the plethora of chemicals that are found in conventional...

  11. Herbal Treatments for Skin Problems

    by Colin Nicholls

    The author looks into skin diseases which traditionally arise from, or are exacerbated by a state of increased toxicity. Therefore, Herbal Practitioners (phytotherapists) generally...

  12. Holistic Skin Care - How to make your own personalized skin products

    by Sue Mann

    Making your own products gives you the freedom to tailor the ingredients to your specific needs and tastes; it also allows you to avoid the use of petro-chemical by-products such a...

  13. Home Remedies for a Beautiful You

    by Dr Deepak Acharya and Dr Garima Sancheti

    This article focuses on home-made beauty remedies and their benefits, and also draws attention to the adverse effects of synthetic cosmetics because of their harmful chemical pro...

  14. Homeopathy and Acupuncture (Homeopuncture) for Skin Disorders

    by Dayal Pathberiya

    This article focuses on homeopuncture, a combination of homeopathy and acupuncture, to treat skin disorders, and touches on the advantages, remedies and potencies of this treatment...

  15. Is Eczema Blighting Your Life?

    by AXA PPP healthcare

  16. Lichen Planus Helped by Apis Mellifica

    by Dr Angela Jones

    This is an amazing story of how a notoriously stubborn skin condition has responded to the homeopathic medicine derived from the bee, Apis mellifica. The patient in question, Sharo...

  17. Lichen Planus: A Disease Profile

    by Claudia Louch

    This article gives a very detailed and technical account of the disease, Lichen Planus. There is controversy over what relationship there may be between hepatitis C virus (HCV) and ...

  18. Make Your Own Natural Skin Care Products

    by Kolbjorn Borseth

    Kolbjorn Borseth explains how we can make own skin care products and how beneficial these can be. With the development of the oil industry, many cosmetic products are now based on ...

  19. Natural Approaches For Eczema and Psoriasis

    by Elena Schalburg

    Living with eczema or psoriasis is a nightmare, day and night – an endless round of itching and scratching, often reducing the sufferers' self esteem, well-being, concentration spa...

  20. NEEM and Anti-Ageing

    by Klaus Ferlow

    When men meet women they look first at their faces, therefore most women want to look very attractive, even erotic with young-looking glowing healthy silky-soft skin with no wrinkle...

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