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The Case of The Stuck Man

by Dr Neil Slade(more info)

listed in homeopathy, originally published in issue 147 - May 2008

Homeopathy, like many of the energy medicine therapies, assumes that good health equates to a free flow of energy through the body – what we, in homeopathy refer to as a correct functioning vital force or life energy. If this energy is stuck and not free-flowing, then this equates to disease, producing signs and symptoms. In homeopathy the signs and symptoms are how the vital force tells us which remedy a person requires for treatment of their case. These can be expressed on the mental, emotional and physical levels. The choice of the appropriate remedy and its subsequent prescription will then correct any stagnation/block, allowing the vital force to flow again.

When Robert presented at the clinic he was a very stuck man on several levels. He was 39, married and self-employed. He presented with a very dry, flaky scalp which had been bad for the last few months, constipation and a general apathy. His scalp was worse for washing his hair and a hot shower. Further discussion of his constipation showed that he rarely had bowel movements during the week, and generally went on weekends, but had to work very hard to produce “…dry, small nuggets”. If he felt the need to go it was always in the morning, and this would get him out of bed. He drank plenty of water and juice, and as his wife is a nutritionist he had a very good high fibre diet.

His apathy was shown by not being able to get out of bed and not wanting to find contracts for his self-employed work. His wife was despairing of him, but Robert’s response was to appear laid back about everything, and to do nothing about the fact he had not worked for several months. This was progressively leading to a loss of confidence and self-esteem.

That was really the extent of his case. I asked about what was going on in his life before the scalp problem, constipation and apathy to see if there was a trigger for it, but nothing. Thus I needed to gather more general information about Robert in order to try and find his remedy. In appearance, Robert was handsome in a rugged way – unshaven with dishevelled hair. His clothes were trendy but worn, and he mentioned that his wife complained about him wearing his socks and pants for a couple of days before they went into the wash. He often didn’t shower at weekends, which was another point of annoyance for his wife. During the consultation he would go off at tangents discussing the wider aspects of life and the universe, and I had to keep pulling him back to the consultation. I asked if this was him in general and he replied there was nothing he enjoyed better than a few pints in the pub putting the world to rights. His body temperature was hot, easily overheated and preferring cool environments. He was generally even tempered, but if wound up enough would erupt in temper; once out of his system he was fine and did not sulk.

When I came to analyze Robert’s case I was reliant on a lot of the general information to define which individual remedy he required. The remedy that came through was Sulphur, very commonly prescribed by homeopaths. Lecturers often describe those is need of this remedy as the ‘ragged philosopher’ – the person who is lost in their head with ideas and problem solving, and almost forgets to wash and is not worried about their appearance. They often have a lot to say but do not have the wherewithal, either conviction or confidence, to act on it. Sulphur is a hot remedy too (as it originates as a result of volcanic activity), and this is also linked into his expression of temper – think about a volcanic eruption. It is a major dry, flaky skin remedy that is made worse from washing and heat. The dryness runs through the remedy’s description and includes constipation.

I prescribed Sulphur 30c, once daily for five days and made a follow-up appointment with him in four weeks. He never showed. A few weeks later his wife called to say he had forgotten as he had been very busy, and could she make another. He turned up to this one and said he could not believe the effect of the remedy. He said it was slow and subtle, but looking back he could see the differences. For the last two months he had been at work each day and was enjoying it. He and his wife were also discussing emigrating. His scalp was totally clear and he was having a daily bowel movement. He had not altered his diet at all. Robert was looking forward to each day and had pitched some good contracts. He also had less of the ‘grunge look’ about him.

The healing energy of the Sulphur remedy had cleared any block to Robert’s vital force and his energy was now flowing, allowing him to move on… and, thankfully, so was his poo!


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