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Dave Markowitz is a two-time best-selling author, intuitive healing facilitator and guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons. His work has been endorsed by Shirley MacLaine, Lynn Andrews, Lee Harris, Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, Karen McPhee, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey and more. He’s shared the lecture bill with Deepak Chopra and Gary Null and has worked with thousands of empaths and highly sensitive persons (HSPs) since his “empathic awakening” in 2012. To find out more about Dave, check out www.DaveMarkowitz.com

Articles by Dave Markowitz

  1. Mind-Body Medicine Explained

    Listed in mind matters

    Pain is a warning sign from our body that there is a problem that needs to be sorted out, and if the pain signals are just shut off, the problem can get worse because we have not ta...

  2. Response-Ability

    Listed in mind matters

    Depression is what happens when we have sad experiences (genuine, or as in watching a film, in imagination) and do not let the sadness be experienced. Anti-depressants will suppress...

  3. The Jigsaw Health Puzzle

    Listed in mind matters

    Stop. Breathe. And read with an open mind, because what I'm about to share may shatter your illusions, your beliefs, and your very way of being: both Western and even alternative m...

  4. What's next?

    Listed in mind matters

    Who here hasn't asked, "What's next?" We're seeing our insular financial, healthcare, spiritual and political environments white-knuckling the outdated ways while newer ideas are e...

  5. Choosing Authentic Spirituality as Your Healer

    Listed in mind matters

    I think it’s fair to say that most of us have either turned toward or dove deeper into some form(s) of spirituality with the intention of attaining greater peace of mind, more joy, ...

  6. Beyond Diet and Exercise: 14 Seldom Discussed Causes of Obesity

    Listed in weight loss

    If we want to lose weight, we’re told to eat well and exercise. And there’s plenty of logic to that. But there are plenty of people eating well and exercising who are not losing wei...

  7. When All Else Fails to Heal You… Part I

    Listed in mind matters

    If you’re dealing with symptoms that no one can diagnose, much less treat effectively, maybe there’s someplace else you’ve yet to look.

  8. When All Else Fails to Heal You, Part II: for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, Intuitives, Healers and More

    Listed in mind matters

    This is a continuation of the series. When All Else Fails to Heal You. Part I can be found at www.positivehealth.com/article/mind-matters/when-all-else-fails-to-heal-you-part-1

  9. The Missing Ingredient in our Spiritual Growth and Healing Practice is…

    Listed in mind matters

    You’ve read all the self-help books. You’ve attended workshop after workshop and researched all the best ways to remove blocks to finally get ahead.

  10. Finding Happiness When There is so Much Pain in the World

    Listed in mind body

    “God, sometimes I hate that spiritual rhetoric! Yeah, I know it’s true. Everyone has his or her mission. Both victims and perpetrators are filling a much deeper destiny than my mind...

  11. The Five Steps to Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person

    Listed in mind matters

    If you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), or empath, you are not alone. There are an estimated 40 million HSPs in America alone. HSPs often face unique challenges; mainly, healing...

  12. Healing Depression in the Highly Sensitive Person

    Listed in mind matters

    Imagine your soul is a jigsaw puzzle. Let’s say this personal mosaic has 1,000 pieces. On their own, some pieces will appear dark and murky, and others will appear brighter and mor...

  13. 15 Life Lessons from a Medical Intuitive, Part One

    Listed in mind matters

    You know those moments when just one sentence brings your friend, client, or an audience from their heads into their hearts? Or when you unexpectedly say something so profound you c...

  14. 15 Life Lessons from a Medical Intuitive, Part Two

    Listed in mind matters

    This blog is a continuation of 15 Life Lessons From a Medical Intuitive, Part One, which reminds us of those moments when just one sentence brings your friend, client, or an audienc...

  15. 11 Habits of Happy and Healthy Highly Sensitive Persons, Part I

    Listed in mind matters

    Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) tend to think of happiness as doing what you love and helping others in the process. While we don’t shy away from financial, material or relational jo...

  16. Insomnia as a Path to Awakening the Highly Sensitive Person

    Listed in healing

    Sleep difficulties lead to challenges with: memory; concentration; productivity; and general health and vitality. And a large percentage of Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP...

  17. Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person – Abandonment

    Listed in healing

    Underneath it all - under the fears of losing your family members or intimate partner, the fear of losing your home, your health, or financial assets - is the dreadful grief each of...

  18. The Empath Realization

    Listed in mind matters

    My first glimpse of an empath was in the original Star Trek series. Captain Kirk, Mr Spock, Dr McCoy, and a woman from another planet were captives of an alien race called Vians wh...

  19. The Empath vs. the Highly Sensitive Person

    Listed in mind matters

    Have you wondered, "What is the difference between an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person?" As these terms get more into our everyday lexicon, their meanings sometimes overlap and/...

  20. “But I’ve Done So Much Work...”

    Listed in healing

    If it seems like everyone else is getting results and you’re still running on the hamster wheel of healing, there has to be a reason. For some, they may not yet know what the root c...

  21. Healing for Empaths

    Listed in healing

    Well, next time, try out this reply, Thank you for noticing one of my superpowers! Let’s be real, it’s easy for others to judge you. It’s easy for them to say, “It’s all in your he...

  22. Is Your Life Falling Apart?

    Listed in psychospiritual

    It’s easy to look around and think that life is falling apart. And for many, it is. And for some, it’s coming together… by falling apart. Not to minimize people’s very real pain, tr...

  23. Spiritual Graduation

    Listed in mind matters

    A few years ago, I began writing a book called “The Elephant in the Crystal Shop” about New Age metaphysical teachings and communities. I wrote about what I perceived as spiritual ...

  24. An Unexpected Healing

    Listed in healing

    Full confession. I’ve never been to a National Park. I, like many New Yorkers, was taught that NYC is all you need. Even after going to college in upstate NY in a tiny town in the m...

  25. Are You Feeling Helpless?

    Listed in healing

    Most of those I’ve worked with (self included!) share something that for many of us hurts us even more than physical pain – an occasional, yet dreadful sense of helplessness. Who am...

  26. What is Meant By, "It's Meant to Be"?

    Listed in healing

    If what currently exists weren’t meant to be, it wouldn’t currently exist. Therefore, whatever IS, is exactly what is meant to be. But that doesn’t mean that WHAT IS – and is mean...

  27. On the Precipice of Transformation

    Listed in mind matters

    Everyone has their personal edge. As we approach that edge, our mind will do everything in its power to convince you to retreat. At that point there is often an internal battle betw...

  28. The Dark Night(s) of the Soul…

    Listed in psychospiritual

    It’s well accepted that many of us at some point will go through what has been dubbed, a "dark night of the soul." This phrase has been used to describe the final burning of the eg...

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