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Clare G Harvey  Dip Shen Tao is an internationally recognized Harley Street Consultant, formulator, inventor, and author in the field of complementary and integrative medicine.  She is a world expert on Flower Remedies, a third generation healer who learnt from her grandmother who was herself taught Flower Remedies by Dr Edward Bach. She is the author of several books on Flower Remedies, including The Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies, The Healing Spirit of Plants and the Principles of Vibrational Healing. Clare has been a flower essences consultant for 30 years, formerly at The Hale Clinic, The Centre for Complementary and Integrated Medicine in Upper Harley Street and now consults at her Flower Essence Clinic 103-105 Harley St. She is the Executive Director of International Science and Nutrition Society - ISNS. Her distribution businesses Flowersense and Quantum Blooms supply major health food chains and the public with remedies. Clare also has her own range of essences especially designed for women. For Private Consultations with Clare please Tel: 01963 250750 / 07778 059660; flowersenseinfo@googlemail.com   www.flowersense.co.uk   https://quantumblooms.co.uk/shop

Articles by Clare G Harvey

  1. Health Applications of Flower Essences

    Listed in flower essences

    The author looks at the ancient and modern art and application of flower remedies which can be traced back to the Egyptian civilisation (who possessed knowledge of the therapeutic q...

  2. Working with Sound and Flower Essences in Combination

    Listed in flower essences

    Essential to our nature, sound gives us a sense of space, depth, and form. Like colour, it adds richness to life and our world, and a feeling of interconnectedness with others and t...

  3. What is Laminine - History, Development and Health Benefits

    Listed in nutraceuticals

    As far back as 1929, a medical doctor in Canada discovered a way to extract the ‘life-essence’ of a nine day old fertilized avian egg. He found that on exactly the ninth day, all th...

  4. PTSD, Shock and Trauma - The Role of Flower Essences

    Listed in flower essences

    Post-traumatic Stress disorder, is by its very nature insidious and is usually the result of the after effects of shock and stress, traumatic which can if left unchecked have a dev...

  5. Bio-Hacking the Ageing Code: Nutrigenomics - Protandim; Ancient Medicine Truly Meets Modern Science

    Listed in antioxidants

    When a colleague mentioned to me the possibility of Bio-hacking the ageing code and a new area of research called nutrigenomics, my interest was really peeked!

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