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Chrissi Kelly lost her sense of smell in 2012. She has spent the last eight years experimenting and devising The Smell Training Protocol for AbScent. She is the instigator of two research projects that will increase the understanding of smell loss in the research community: The Sense of Smell Project, which is run together with Professor Thomas Hummel of the University of Dresden; and Understanding the Molecular Basis for Parosmia, with Dr Jane K Parker of the University of Reading.  In May of 2019 her charity, AbScent, was granted registered status in England and Wales. Chrissi was raised in the US and has made the UK her home for 30 years. She lives in Hampshire. People suffering from smell loss can visit www.abscent.org for support and advice. Chrissi may be contacted via chris@abscent.org  www.abscent.org

Articles by Chrissi Kelly

  1. Anosmia – Smell Loss – Effects upon People’s Lives

    Listed in medical conditions

    These are just some of the smells that people who have lost their sense of smell will be missing this spring. As you work in the garden this spring, or prepare a delicious meal with...

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