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Cal (Gerard) Crilly is a self-taught researcher from Brisbane, Australia.

He has been a registered nutritionist in Australia from 2017 to 2022 and now works as a health care worker in the UK.

Cal is 59 and has played in various Australian bands for 40 years and has a large film archive of Brisbane bands on YouTube.

School education was in England and Ireland. He may be contacted via escapevirus@hotmail.com

Articles by Cal (Gerard) Crilly

  1. Preeclampsia - Nutritional Factors

    Listed in nutrition

    I wrote these thoughts on preeclampsia for a South African doctor; this information should be public knowledge.

  2. The Pregnancy Cancer Connection

    Listed in cancer

    The pregnancy link with cancer goes back to John Beard in 1902 who wrote about The Action of Trypsin[1] coming from the foetal pancreas to act on switching off trophoblast function...

  3. Macrophage Polarization and IDO Enzymes, Immunity, Cancer and Depression

    Listed in immune function

    The subject of macrophage polarization has many practical applications in treating immune dysfunction in diseases like cancer, diabetes, chronic fatigue, AIDS, sepsis and any diseas...

Book reviews by Cal (Gerard) Crilly

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