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Anthony Deavin BSc PhD RPP RCST has a BSc and PhD in chemistry and research experience in the biological sciences. Anthony then studied Ayurveda (Indian Medical Science), qualified in Medical Herbalism, and lectured in Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology. Subsequently he qualified in Polarity Therapy and Cranio-sacral Therapy, and established a Training in Polarity Therapy. More recently, Anthony's focus has shifted to gaining the skills necessary to help his clients overcome the trauma, limiting beliefs and turbulent emotions which prevent them realising their direction and purpose in life. To this end, Anthony has qualified in Journey Therapy and Theta Healing and has studied many other methods, most recently Reference Point Therapy. Anthony now teaches Causal Healing, which integrates all the methods he has studied and practised into one unified approach. His clinic work combines Herbal Medicine, Polarity Therapy and Causal healing.

Anthony may be contacted by on Tel: 01737 842749; anthony.deavin@btopenworld.com   www.causalhealing.com

Articles by Anthony Deavin

  1. The Healing Process: A Polarity Therapy Case History

    Listed in polarity therapy

    This article takes the form of a comprehensive case history undertaken by a student who had just completed a ten-day foundation course in polarity therapy, and illustrates how effec...

  2. Universal Application of Polarity Therapy The Application of Universal Principles of Energy and Healing

    Listed in polarity therapy

    Polarity therapy, founded by Randolph Stone, draws on the universal principles of energy set out in the Ayurvedic healing tradition. It is a hands-on therapy and works on the basis ...

  3. Releasing Trauma Through Bodywork The Power of Awareness

    Listed in polarity therapy

    In this ground-breaking article the author describes and discusses how trauma, stored in the body as tissue memory can interrupt the vital harmonious flow of energy around the body,...

  4. Polarity Therapy - Touch with Awareness

    Listed in polarity therapy

    This article will be of interest to clients seeking healing through touch, and to practitioners who may wish to enhance their work with healing through Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Shi...

  5. Polarity Therapy - Part II

    Listed in polarity therapy

    In Part II of a two part series the author talks about fascia and the energy flows.

  6. Polarity Therapy

    Listed in polarity therapy

    Polarity Therapy was developed by Dr Randolph Stone in the USA from 1945 to 1973. He integrated his knowledge of osteopathy, chiropractic and naturopathy with an understanding of en...

  7. Integrating Approaches To Bodywork: The Polarity Therapy Experience

    Listed in polarity therapy

    The article begins with an account of Dr. Randolph Stones development of the theory and practice of polarity therapy. Polarity therapy is based on the idea that using touch in two p...

  8. The Soul, Energy And Polarity

    Listed in polarity therapy

    The author is summarizing some of the work of Dr. Randolph Stone. Dr Stone wrote that the soul was created by the joining together of spirit and the body. Polarity therapy is promot...

  9. Causal Healing: Freedom from the Bondage of Trauma, Beliefs and Emotions

    Listed in healing

    The author discusses resolving trauma, disturbing emotions and limiting beliefs. Therapists from a range of approaches can gently encourage the step-by-step process of such resoluti...

  10. Causal Healing: The Resolution of Harmful Beliefs by Theta Healing

    Listed in healing

    The author refers to a previous article in which he explained that - any trauma will give rise to a disturbing emotion and a limiting belief. This article concerns the use of Theta ...

  11. Working with Feelings and Emotions, Colour and Images; Integration of Techniques

    Listed in healing

    A feeling is just that: an emotion is what happens when a belief is linking to a feeling. Inviting the client to describe a feeling, and say what the words are that go with it can h...

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