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The Soul, Energy And Polarity

by Anthony Deavin(more info)

listed in polarity therapy, originally published in issue 160 - July 2009

For Dr Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, the Soul was not simply a dry concept, but an ever present and vital reality. Here is his description of the Soul:

"The Soul is a unit drop of the ocean of the Eternal Spirit which is the dweller in the body as the knower, seer, and doer; it experiences all sensations and action. It alone is the power in the body which reacts to any mode of application of therapy or action. Consciousness and intelligence reside within the soul."[1]
There is great depth in this quotation, but it lacks some important detail necessary to appreciate fully what is being said. In this article, I shall give some background information on the Soul which will hopefully help with the understanding of Dr Stone's writings. The information comes from the most insightful and authoritative sources of which I am aware.[2, 3, 4]

The Soul is symbolized as a lotus flower
The Soul is symbolized as a lotus flower

The Polarity of Spirit and Matter and the Soul

The most fundamental Polarity of our existence is that of Spirit and Matter, where Spirit is our true essence, a spark of the Divine, and Matter, the realm of materiality. As Tansley puts it:
"The spirit of man is seen as the true essence, the immortal seed: as a spark of the Divine Mind and the Father in Heaven. Spirit is male in nature, and the body, made of matter, is its earthy, female opposite. When these two polar opposites come into union, their interaction gives birth to the soul. This, according to Greek tradition, is a radiant body of light."[5]

The Symbol of the Soul, its Energies and Function

The Soul is symbolized as a lotus flower surrounded by twelve petals which cover a central point of dynamic energy and radiant light. The lotus flower is used as a symbol since, although it floats in the mud of materiality, its petals are not soiled. The twelve petals represent energies of the Soul, e.g. intelligence, love, will and connection to the mental, emotional and physical bodies. The central point of dynamic energy is often called the jewel in the lotus. (Dr Stone called the jewel in the lotus the "diamond soul", which is discussed below.)[6, 7]

Just how significant the Soul is in our life is clearly expressed by Sanaya Roman:
"Your Soul is more than a combination of your mental, emotional and physical bodies. It is the intelligence that directs the building of your bodies. It contains your essence between lifetimes and holds the patterns that created you in this lifetime... It lives in higher spiritual dimensions and brings the light and energy of those dimensions to you."[8] 
If the mind and emotions are chaotic and the body unwell, Soul light is blocked, covered by the petals. When we work to promote energy flow with Polarity Therapy, thereby calming the mind and emotions and nurturing the body, the light of the Soul becomes more available. It is said that, at a certain stage of spiritual development, the petals unfold completely, allowing the magnificent light of the Soul to become completely visible. With a deepening Soul connection, life purpose becomes clearer.[9]

Dr Stone's wish for us is that we become clear of the bondage of materiality and reconnect with Soul light:
"Souls came to earth and lost their true course in earthiness. Now, by search and effort, they can rediscover and find themselves... Our consciousness has for many aeons travelled far away from the Light and Life of our True Home, all the while becoming entangled in the meshes of material things."[10]

Ventricles of the Brain

The Seat of the Soul in the Brain

Dr Stone says that the Soul has a special seat in the brain "above the foramen of Monro and the middle commissure". The foramen of Monro is usually called the interventricular foramen, two little canals which link the third ventricle to the lateral ventricles. (Fig.1.) Thus Dr Stone places the seat of the Soul near the upper, front part of the third ventricle, on the same level as the third eye or eyebrow centre. Other sources, including Descartes, give the pineal gland, at the back of the third ventricle, as the seat of the Soul. The Soul's radiance is, therefore, in close contact with the third ventricle, and hence with cerebro-spinal fluid. This is highly significant, and is discussed below.[11,12]

The Soul and the Third Eye

The third eye, also called the eye-brow centre, ajana chakra or tisra till, is the place from which the Soul's actions emanate. This is stated in the following quotation from Dr Stone, in which the Soul in the waking state is identified as consciousness:
"WHERE DOES THE SOUL DWELL IN THE BODY? In the waking state, consciousness resides in the centre of the forehead, and functions voluntarily, through the cerebrum, for all action and thought."[13]
Dr Stone says the third eye, "is the meeting place of the soul and mind energy in its descent into the body". It is this process of descent, involving step-down of energy, which gives rise to the chakra system. It is also the place from which the ascent to higher centres in the brain begins. At the top of the head is a centre called Sach Khand, a region of intense light, which Dr Stone says is "the home of the soul... and the home of the pure sound and light currents."[14,15,16,17]

The Ultrasonic and Light Energies of the Soul and Cerebro-spinal Fluid (CSF)

Dr Stone describes the Soul's radiation, which carries the information required for the functioning of the whole body-mind system, as ultrasonic and light energies, conveyed throughout the system by the flow of CSF. The seat of the Soul, discussed above, is close to the third ventricle, which is filled with CSF. Just as flower remedies demonstrate that water is able to absorb, store and transmit the energy of plants, so also the CSF acts to process the Soul's radiation:[18,19]
"The Soul is the essence of being and life in the body, and functions through the brain and spinal cord, to the coccyx... The cerebro-spinal fluid seems to act as a storage field and a conveyor for the ultrasonic and light energies. It bathes the spinal cord and is a reservoir for these finer essences, (which are) conducted by this fluidic media through all the fine nerve fibres as the first airy mind and life principle in the body."[18]
Dr Stone emphasizes the fundamental importance of CSF and the beneficial effect of Polarity Therapy on its flow:     
"Only after the cerebrospinal fluid current is established is there a beneficial reaction to any application of therapy... It is this energy current which does the healing and reacts to therapy...   Polarity Therapy affects the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid directly."[20]
We therefore come to the following essential understanding: The Soul's intention is transmitted as vibrational information to the CSF. This information governs a step-down process in the vibration of energy from Source, the 'place' where energy exists in state of potential, as undifferentiated 'substance'. Step-down results in decreasing rates of energy vibration. As a result, the chakra, the five elements and finally the physical body, the realm of slowest vibration of energy, are formed. [21, 22, 23]

Involution and Evolution

Dr Stone calls the step-down process of energy from Source to the body: "Involution". (Here 'body' is taken to mean the combined anatomical, physiological, thought and emotional aspects of our materiality.) The force responsible he called "centrifugal" (expansive). The opposite process of turning the attention away from dense matter towards Source or Spirit he called "Evolution" and the force responsible "centripetal" (contractive):  
"A centrifugal force, out of the centre of all being and essence, causes creation, as myriads of sparks from a central hearth fire. And the return flow of this energy, as the centripetal force, links it and makes it seek its Source, in an effort to become unified again in its rhythm and essence. This explains the hunger of the soul and the constant will and desire within the soul, as unrealised longings and yearnings."[24]

Involution, Evolution and the Diamond Soul

Dr Stone says that the Diamond Soul develops as a result of the experience of evolution and involution; i.e., the combined experience of being in the body, immersed in materiality, whilst simultaneously striving to return to Source. Because Dr Stone's focus is the flow of energy in involution and evolution, the Soul is enclosed by two flames, symbolic of energy, rather than the traditional petals (see above). Fig.2.[25]

The Diamond Soul
"The downward flame represents the outpouring energy into space, as the CENTRIFUGAL CURRENT OF CREATION ... The upward flame (CENTRIPETAL CURRENT) denotes energy being liberated from below, and is reaching upward toward the Source of the Parent flame. Between the downward flame and the upward going flame, there is a centre of consciousness which is created by their lines of force. This makes the Diamond Soul, the perfect product of experience through involution and evolution. We all know that mother earth uses a similar process of heat and pressure to produce diamonds and other precious jewels."[26]

The Source, Forms and Polarity

The Source, (energy without form), and Forms ( energy as form), constitute the primary Polarity which underpins creation. This Polarity exists as potential within the unified state which exists prior to creation. Expressing this potential allows energy to flow from Source to Forms and back again.

The purpose of creating forms, e.g. the body, is to prevent the dissipation of energy. Energy flows from Source, completes the process of involution by creating our body, and then uses the body as a 'springboard' for the evolutionary return to Source.
"Centres of energy are essential for the creation of forms and their operation. It is essential that energy be concentrated and work according to definite patterns and designs, or exhaustion would take place. If a stone is dropped in a pond of still water, waves radiate outward from the agitated area until that impulse is exhausted."[27]

The exhaustion of which Dr Stone speaks is familiar in our own lives, if we do not take steps to find the time to 'recharge our batteries' by finding time for stillness, quiet, and connection with our Soul. The body, mind and emotions have the capacity to grab all of our attention, leaving but little time for inner work. However, for Dr Stone, the same body, mind and emotions was the key to what he called "liberation and God-realisation".

" ... (my purpose was) to encourage further search by those sufficiently interested in TRUTH and GOD REALISATION, for which purpose the human body was originally given to us. It was through the human body that we involuted and it is through the human body that we obtain the key to evolution (LIBERATION AND GOD REALISATION."[28]
In order to work through the body for the purpose of reconnection with Source, Dr Stone developed Polarity Therapy, uniquely placing the hands in two positions to create the polarity relationship which would promote energy flow.

Dr Stone's wish for us is that we may raise our level of consciousness and spread the wings of our Soul. It was to this end that he developed Polarity Therapy.

"Man is not a worm of the earth, held down by gravity and controlled by it, if he can but learn to spread the wings of his soul and raise his consciousness in the body by his higher mind and soul force and live thereby as a daily reality, not as mere belief or a theory."[29]


The author wishes to express his gratitude for the support and encouragement of Helga Frank during the writing of this article. 


Unless otherwise stated, all quotations from Dr. Randolph Stone are taken from Polarity Therapy. The Complete Collected Works on this Revolutionary Healing Art by the Originator of the System. Volumes One and Two. CRCS  publications. Each reference to Dr Stone from the collected works is given as a book and page number.

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Acknowledgement Citation

This article was originally published by the American Polarity Therapy Association in Energy Spring, 2009.


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