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Polarity Therapy – Healing with Life Energy

by Alan Siegel

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[Image: Polarity Therapy – Healing with Life Energy]

Dr Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity Therapy, was a chiropractor, osteopath and naturopath who practised in Chicago from 1914 to 1972. By studying the healing methods of India and China and connecting with his spiritual master in India, Randolph Stone realised that meaningful therapy must work with the life energy of the body and developed his approach to healing which is both simple and profound. Alan Siegel was taught by Pierre Pannetier, the successor to Randolph Stone, while Phil Young was taught by Alan Siegel.

The style of each book is the same, with copious black and white line drawings and step by step accounts of each method of treatment.

Alan Siegel's book contains a brief account of energy principles, including the five elements of Ayurveda. There is an interesting chapter on the Law of Polarity in which Siegel explains that:

"By the placement of our hands on the prescribed areas of the body, we redirect the flow of energy to where it is needed creating new currents… In Polarity Therapy we stimulate, unblock and balance the energy, bringing to the cells, tissues and organs of the body what they need in order to function normally."

Most of the book describes techniques for treating different parts of the body, e.g. neck, pelvis, shoulders, kidneys, feet and knees, diaphragm, brachial plexus, lymphatics, prostate, uterus, coccyx, colon, and spine. Siegel includes contacts involving the navel which are so helpful in clearing congestion from any part of the body and also ischial contacts which are so effective for the pelvis, back tension and joints.

Also given is the general balancing session taught by Pannetier: "a complete treatment of life energy by itself and will produce a highly relaxed and happy client when done correctly and with love." The Polarity approach to chakra balancing is also included, together with general guidelines on points to observe when giving a Polarity session. Siegel describes some of Randolph Stone's special stretching exercises and nutritional guidelines, which form part of a client's self-help programme.

The above title has now been republished as Polarity Therapy – Healing with Life Energy

This revised edition now includes detailed theoretical explanations of all the body work contained in the original book linked to charts from the work of the founder of Polarity Therapy Dr Randolph Stone.

Anthony Deavin
Masterworks International

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