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  1. Body Control: The Pilates Way

    by Lynne Robinson and Gordon Thomson

    Body Control Pilates is a complete body conditioning programme based on the method developed over seventy years ago by German-born Joseph Pilates.

  2. Fitness and Sexual Health through Walking, Posture, Pilates and Prelox

    by Ann Crowther

    Of course your sex life must function - regardless of your age. A scientific, evidence based regimen, emphasizing nutrition, supplements and exercise will increase erectile quality...

  3. Healing Hands - With Pilates

    by Ann Crowther

    The stresses of life take their toll on the mind and body in subtle ways that we’re often not aware of. Then, one day we realize that we can’t remember the last time we felt energe...

  4. How Pilates Helps to Boost Immunity and Wellbeing

    by Lynne Robinson

    Famous for improving posture, joint mobility and core stability, can we can add to the list of benefits better health and immunity? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. In addition to ...

  5. Obesity and the Young: Pilates for Kids

    by Wendy Gist

    The author takes a look at problems associated with childhood obesity, some of which include: low self-esteem, depression, Type 2 diabetes, orthopaedic complications, etc. Sedentar...

  6. Pilates – Reshaping, Strengthening the Body and Core, Improving Flexibility, without Stressing the Joints

    by Kirstin Ferrie

    With over 20 years experience, having taught Pilates around the world, working in London, Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos and the USA... passionate Pilates Instructor and Founder of Pu...

  7. Pilates For Optimum Health and Fitness

    by Ann Crowther

    Pilates is a form of body conditioning with exercises that systematically work the major muscle groups of the body with attention focused on correct breathing, alignment, controlle...

  8. Pilates for Optimum Health and Fitness

    by Ann Crowther

    Good health and wellbeing are not to be regarded as something of a luxury or some kind of self-indulgence - both are an essential part of a successful, forward thinking and fulfill...

  9. Pilates for Today

    by Dreas Reyneke

    Pilates looks after the basics of posture, the cardiovascular system, breathing and reduces stress to make it, according to the author, the most suitable method to counterbalance o...

  10. Sciatic Pain Relief and Post Microdisceptomy Rehabilitation Using Pilates

    by Ann Crowther

    In hindsight, knowing what I know now, I should have paid attention to my core strength, correct posture for bending and lifting and keeping flexible by exercising or taking up Pila...

  11. The Perfect Pilates Approach for your Back

    by Ann Crowther

    The next time you are out, observe the general public and see how many ‘forward heads’ you can spot! Yes, ‘forward head’ - the 21st century posture phenomena - when your head litera...

  12. Yoga and Pilates to Aid Rehabilitation

    by Marie-Claire Prettyman

    To understand the role that these Mind/Body disciplines can play in physical (or indeed emotional) rehabilitation, it is important to understand what the differences are between th...

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