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  1. Rosemary for Remembrance

    by Anne McIntyre

    Enlivening your cuisine with the distinctive flavour of rosemary, which not only scintillates the taste buds but also provides a wealth of medicinal benefits to nurture the body and...

  2. Stevia is the New Ginseng

    by Alan Hopking

    This article focuses on the amazing properties, effects and use of the Stevia herb. The author explains why it supersedes others such as ginseng, mistletoe, Echinacea, etc, adding ...

  3. Sutherlandia as Support for Immune Dysfunction

    by Salmaan Dalvi PhD

    Dr Salmaan Dalvi, who runs a nutritional health screening clinic, has for several years been working with potent traditional African herbs which, through lack of proper study and d...

  4. The Benefits of California Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)

    by Anne McIntyre

    With its vibrantly colourful annual flower, the California poppy is a wonderful asset to brighten the garden in summer and yet it has so much more to offer as a great antidote to st...

  5. The Biodynamic Botanic Garden at Emerson College

    by Kirsten Hartvig

    He had a huge influence on writing style for over a thousand years, and it is known that he spent many happy hours in libraries; but how he knew about the joys of gardening, I have ...

  6. The Healing Garden: Berry Season

    by Kirsten Hartvig

    When you start looking, you will realize that berries are everywhere and that the berry season lasts all year!

  7. The Herbal Approach to Dysbiosis

    by Anne McIntyre

    The importance of our intestinal flora is increasingly being recognized as a prerequisite for good health. The author explains in detail about the beneficial bacteria we rely on to...

  8. The Incredible Journey of Herbal Medicine

    by Jill Rosemary Davies

    The article describes the huge benefits to health achieved by the use of herbal medicines, looking particularly at certain herbs that have made an immense difference in relieving t...

  9. The Pleasant Pastime of Growing Herbs

    by Barbara Payne

    Barbara Payne describes how herbs are low maintenance, beautiful and useful and can be taken as remedies for simple things like upset stomach (in the form of peppermint tea) and he...

  10. Therapeutic Horticulture

    by Tim Spurgeon

    The article cites research findings that show that a short period of daily gardening can help to promote the health strength and mobility of the elderly and increase the heart rate...

  11. Tisanes and their use for minor ailments

    by Barbara Payne

    The art of making tisanes is a very ancient, (documentation goes as far back as Anglo Saxon times in Britain), and a beneficial way of helping to alleviate minor ailments which pres...

  12. Traditional Herbal Medicine in Bolivia, South America

    by Dr Vivian Lunny

    Bolivia, a country in the very heart of South America, is a country of contrasts and traditions. There are three very distinctive geographical regions, namely the High Andean plate...

  13. Tulsi - Incomparable Queen Of Herbs

    by G Ravishankar

    The author discusses the benefits of Tulsi (basil leaves) which he says is a safe and sure cure for all our diseases. The leaves have properties similar to the currently available ...

  14. Using Herbal Medicine

    by Kirsten Hartvig

    The long history of traditional use of herbal medicines to safely treat common family illness needs to be more widely recognized and understood.

  15. Vitex agnus castus: A review

    by Dee Atkinson

    The species name Agnus castus originates from the Greek agnos castus, meaning chaste, as the Greeks thought the plant calmed sexual passion. Its common name of caste berry and monk...

  16. What Is Herbalism?

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Many people in North America are not familiar what herbalism is all about since we are living in society asking for the ‘quick-fix’ when health problems arise. Therefore I would li...

  17. What You Should Know About Neem Oil

    by Klaus Ferlow

    The legendary miraculous medicinal Neem tree in India has grown with the human settlement all over the country and has been an integral part of the Indian way of life for centuries....

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