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  1. Longest Living Lung Cancer Survivor Used Natural Interventions

    by Carl O Helvie

    Have you ever thought about how you would feel if your doctor told you that you had cancer? And what questions you would ask him/her at that time? And what information would be help...

  2. Macrobiotics and Cancer and Whole Grains with High Phytonutrient Activity - Research Compilation

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    Reporting a number of interesting and informative research studies about macrobiotic diet and cancer, including experience with macrobiotics for tinnitus. Following is a compilation...

  3. Macrobiotics for Breast Cancer

    by Faye Baxter

    Two years ago Faye Baxter was diagnosed with cancer. She was given six weeks before the hospital could operate to remove her tumour. In those six weeks she decided to find a Macrob...

  4. Mistletoe - A Holistic, Patient-Centred Adjunctive Therapy

    by Sukriti Bhardwaj and Monique Aucoin

    The high incidence of cancer necessitates widespread implementation of supportive therapies that may enhance patients’ otherwise reduced quality of life as they navigate their diagn...

  5. Mistletoe Therapy

    by Mary Martin

    Although Iscador is contraindicated for some types of cancer, the author herself was given Iscador injections prior to cancer surgery. With the additional help of a homeopathic rem...

  6. Mistletoe Therapy and Hyperthermia for Cancer: Turning Up the Heat

    by Dr Maurice Orange

    Cancer patients very often seek ways of helping themselves to improve their health and to feel in charge of their treatment process. They perceive the mainstream cancer treatments a...

  7. Molecular and Clinical Effects of Deuterium Depleted Water in Treatment and Prevention of Cancer

    by Krisztina Krempels, Ildikó Somlyai, Gábor Somlyai

    Deuterium-depletion is a new complementary modality in oncotherapy and prevention; the method can be safely applied in addition to conventional treatments and as an extension of tho...

  8. Mom has a Brain Tumour

    by Meggan Brummer

    This article focuses on the author’s day to day experiences, mental and emotional, with her mother’s condition from the time she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. As...

  9. My Integrated Approach to Lymphoma Including Chemotherapy

    by Serena Helene Smith

    In this article the author shares her experience with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and Chemotherapy which if avoided would not have seen her survive more than three months, according to ...

  10. Natural Allopathic Non-Toxic Treatment of Cancer

    by Dr Mark Sircus

    Natural Allopathic Medicine is introducing to the world an aggressive nontoxic method of winning the war against cancer, offering new tactics and combining them with some very succ...

  11. New Cancer / Fungus Theory

    by Dr Mark Sircus

    This article offers crucial information about the relationships between cancer and infectious threats that every cancer patient and their family must be aware of. The truth that we ...

  12. New Innovations are Catching more Cancers Earlier

    by Acorn Stairlifts

    Thanks to a number of innovation schemes being trialed across the UK, we could be one step closer to catching cancer in the earlier stages. Scaling up an innovative scheme to catch ...

  13. Nutrition and Life-style Guidelines for People with Cancer

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    The significance of nutritional and life-style guidelines for people with cancer is examined in this consensus document.

  14. Nutritional and Complementary Cancer Care

    by Laurel Alexander

    The author sets out the nutritional guidelines she uses for women with cancer preparing for surgery, going through chemotherapy or radiotherapy, using hormone therapy or dealing wi...

  15. Ovarian Cancer - Death by Side Effects of Treatments

    by Gregory D Pawelski

    This is an account of the author's wife's treatment for recurring ovarian cancer. He concludes that his wife's cancer treatment varied tremendously depending on which hospital she ...

  16. Perfect Nutrition – Perfect Medicine – Liquefied Seeds

    by Dr Mark Sircus

    The Budwig Center says, “Seeds may be tiny, but they’re packed with nutrients like protein, fibre, iron, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. They truly provide ‘energy bursting with ...

  17. Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer

    by Lev G Fedyniak

    This article focuses on the use of PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) for illnesses and diseases. This treatment by light, unlike ultraviolet, infrared and the highly concentrated light of...

  18. Physical Activity and Cancer

    by Lisa Saffron

    When weighing up the risk of cancer from food, it's not only what you put into your body that matters, although the type and quantity of food certainly contribute to cancer risk. H...

  19. Practical Ways You can help Someone with a Cancer Diagnosis

    by Dr Shara BA Cohen

    A cancer diagnosis touches everyone, friends, family, colleagues and of course the person who has cancer. It’s is not often recognized that those surrounding a cancer patient have...

  20. Preventing Prostate Cancer Through Diet

    by David Taylor

    Prostate gland problems affects 30% of men aged 20-40, 50% of men by 60, rising to 80% by 80, and prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in men in the UK. ...

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