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  1. Intuition at Work

    by Frances Coombes

    This article focuses on intuition, which can be complementary, providing leaps of imagination, gut feelings or flashes of insight into strategies and timing of actions. The author ...

  2. Intuition, Our Wise Guide

    by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

    These days, we are often distracted by and overloaded with stimuli from our environment, thus neglecting our inner voice, or intuition. Yet a combination of logic and intuition can...

  3. Is Laughter Really the Best Medicine?

    by Michelle Oakes

    Laughter yoga was invented by Dr Madan Kataria. As he was writing his article Laughter the best medicine for a health magazine he decided to try out the techniques inspired by Norma...

  4. Is Your Life Falling Apart?

    by Dave Markowitz

    It’s easy to look around and think that life is falling apart. And for many, it is. And for some, it’s coming together… by falling apart. Not to minimize people’s very real pain, tr...

  5. Journey To Enlightenment: Guiding Principles

    by Simran Singh

    Viewed as a fresh and innovative voice in the realms of inspiration, motivation and spirituality, Simran Singh clearly states she is not here to be a teacher or a guru. Instead, Sim...

  6. Kairos Therapy: Emotional Release and Empowerment

    by Caroline Gladding

    The author focuses on the never ending journey of Awareness, Release and Transformation, of emotions, emotional baggage and expression, that can be treated by many of the therapies...

  7. Letting Go: New Leap of Faith

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    As the cool, tranquil draft of winter envelopes our face, it ushers in early dusk. It strikes a chord, reminding us that it is time for the trees to smile and their leaves to fall –...

  8. Life is a Fine Balance

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Each of us is blessed with wholeness – to hold the divine essence in our being. This corresponds to a mirror with just one reflection – of our soul in the context of our vision. It ...

  9. Listening with the Heart

    by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

    Vivienne Silver-Leigh, from her experiences of counselling training, shares some important lessons about active listening, a skill needed to understand and develop our relationship...

  10. Magical Piers: The Lovers Journey

    by Gina Pickersgill

    In the days of old when stories were told of how love blossomed and marriage was sacrosanct, it was these stories that captured the imagination about what love was supposed to be ab...

  11. Magical Piers: The Lovers Journey Part III

    by Gina Pickersgill

    This is the third part of the Lovers Journey, continued from Part I and Part II.

  12. Make up your Mind

    by Vivienne Silver-Leigh

    The author looks into the process of right decision making by attending a workshop on Discernment. She watches her own choosing mechanism in action, and also how other people make ...

  13. Manifest Hope - Crisis Brings Opportunity

    by Amy Suplee

    The author points out that the concept of ‘action and reaction’ occurs in physics as well as many other philosophies. Taoist philosophy, and the theory behind Chinese Medicine stat...

  14. Manifesting Your Dreams: The Art of Wish-Practice

    by Tara Ulli Springett

    Ulli is a Buddhist meditation teacher who has been an accredited psychotherapist and life coach for 15 years. She explains her technique of wish-practice by distinguishing it from ...

  15. Mapping a Path to Enlightenment

    by Dawn Mellowship

    The author bases this article on her latest book, Passage to Freedom, and looks at the seven steps to achieving enlightenment. She states that peace, contentment and knowledge are ...

  16. Mental Health Concerns during the Pandemic

    by Manisha Jain

    The raging Corona pandemic has taken a heavy toll on human lives and health. Grim statistics stare you in the face every morning. Apart from people dying and hospitals bursting at t...

  17. Mental Health: the Psyche's Journey to Wholeness

    by Catherine G Lucas

    Transpersonal psychology is a school of psychology that encompasses the transcendent, the spiritual dimension, 'trans' meaning 'beyond' the personal.

  18. Mind to Mend your Emotions

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung articulated that the most intense conflicts, if overcome, leave behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed. He also underlined th...

  19. Mind, Miracles and Meaning Part III: The Answer to Life’s Mysteries

    by Gina Pickersgill

    Learning to live your life through meaning that others have bestowed on you is by no means an easy task. What has transpired through your mind are those things that have been ‘post...

  20. Money Magic - Money Metaphysics

    by Gitte Lassen

    The author shares what she has learned about the dynamics of money making, and how to create a positive relationship with money in general. She finds people basically spend to solv...

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