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Kairos Therapy: Emotional Release and Empowerment

by Caroline Gladding(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 112 - June 2005

Imagine a world where we were all responsible for our own feelings and emotions, imagine the impact that could have on all those around us.

Take for example children at school faced with the frustration of not being able to do something. Now imagine a world where children realize what they are feeling, understand why and are able to talk about it, and are also able to act accordingly and not trapped in behaving in reaction to their frustration by misbehaving or attacking others. Imagine children who have problems at home; maybe parents arguing, separating, divorcing. Children who have not been cared for in an understanding way and able to express their emotions end up feeling that everything is their fault. They end up with feelings of guilt and lack of self esteem which possibly leads to addictions of drink, drugs, food, etc. There are so many areas where children could do with emotional help.

Even if parents are not willing to take responsibility for themselves there is no excuse not to take responsibility for their children.

Help us make a difference not to pass on our emotional baggage. This doesn't mean we have to be all sorted out, as this is a state of being this doesn't really exist, and those who think they are, need help even more. The journey is never-ending, Awareness, Release and Transformation.

There are so many therapies available these days; so many different names claiming to do so many different things; the one thing they all have in common is they all hope to make us feel better about ourselves. I don't really mind which route people choose as they are all forms of healing. In the end it comes down to the therapist and what level they themselves are working on, depending on what level they have grown to. Each client brings healing to the therapist as the therapist brings healing to the client. I, however, feel that a therapist cannot take a client where they haven't been yet or are not willing to go themselves. The one mistake many therapists make once they become qualified in their field is that they stop growing. For me, I think it is very difficult to work in the area of healing and not continue to heal oneself. This could apply to any field of work really when you think about it. If a financial adviser is not up-to-date on what's going on, is he/she really be coming from a place that is good for you? Would you invest in someone who doesn't invest in themselves? This does not mean you have to go and do every course that comes along, which so many do. It means growing within yourself, which you could do sitting under a tree by yourself, probably. You need to find the right therapist for you, one who is going to take you places you have never been before. The difference with Kairos is some of you may not feel better immediately. You really need to feel the emotional wounds to move on from them and actually until you do, you're often stuck. A Kairos process is felt in a way that you can handle it; it is subtle deep and transformational.

Kairos combines the ancient tradition of hands-on healing with modern biofield theory for emotional and physical healing. I became involved with emotional release therapy after trying many other therapies while living in Los Angeles. I was suffering from panic attacks and anxiety, it was affecting my life and career as a musician. Although after years of counselling and other therapies I had a greater understanding of my illness, I still felt sensations in my body that I could not understand or control. After 14 sessions my life was never the same again. I uncovered layers of suppressed emotions of abuse, lack of self-esteem, anger I never knew existed, grief, PMT, etc. After years of having tried everything, I was finally able to feel free and at peace with myself. I felt joy, increased confidence and self-esteem and had better sexual relations. I also communicate better, create better and am generally better able to cope with life and making decisions. I never looked back and went on to train. That was nine years ago.

Emotions are energy in motion. To stay healthy and happy we need to move, breathe and experience our emotions. Stress causes shallow breathing. This slows down our chi or life energy. When we repress emotions they are held in our bodies. When we are unable to fully experience emotions, we store them as tension, muscle aches, upset stomachs, migraines, nightmares, tiredness, panic attacks, depression, etc. Our bodies' natural response is to shut down as we are unable to cope with the myriad of emotions – but they stay in our bodies until they can be released.

At the heart of Kairos is the belief that each one of us has the potential to heal and transform our lives to discover who we truly are. As we release our emotional blocks a true and lasting understanding emerges within, an inner knowing. Life starts to make more sense. We finally believe that fulfillment and peace do exist; we are at one with our selves.

During a session you lie fully clothed in a comfortable Kairos cradle. The therapist starts with an in-depth history and discussion then reverses the contractions of old emotions and tensions so that you can experience the joy and freedom we all know we want to feel.

As DH Lawrence once wrote of healing: "I am not a mechanism, an assembly of various sections, and it is not because the mechanism is working wrongly that I am ill. I am ill because of wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self".

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About Caroline Gladding

Caroline Gladding is a Certified Kairos therapist. She has been practising since 1996, releasing the layers of suppressed emotion for herself and her clients. She is doing the teacher training course for Kairos. She has recently embarked on her long time vision of starting a charity for children, called Kairos 'kids 4 life', to enable therapists to go into the schools and centres to help children release some of their emotional baggage. She can be contacted on Tel: 020-8224 5494;

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