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  1. Inner Critic: Friend or Foe?

    by John Kent

    The author points out the inner voice in our heads, which seems to run a non-stop tape of injunctions, criticisms, directives, sometimes loudly, sometimes like a background hum whi...

  2. Inner Voices: Embracing all the Parts of our Personality

    by John Kent

    The author touches on the Voices of our Personality; our Primary Self which is one of vulnerability and our essential needs which can be summarized as Attention, Approval, Affect...

  3. It's All Too Easy

    by Beata Bishop

    The author takes a stab at the commercial world's key word "easy" to advertise products from bestselling books (easy to read), garments in fashion catalogues (easy to wear) and lat...

  4. Junk is the Enemy

    by Beata Bishop

    Regular contributor Beta Bishop discusses the hanging-on versus letting-go conflict, which operates powerfully over all age groups and can cause real problems. She says our persona...

  5. Life By Design - An Aesthetic Therapy

    by Edwin Alan Salter

    Dr Salter believes that the function of therapy often is to find an aesthetic design within our experiences – and this leads to the idea that as we may re-cast the story of our pas...

  6. Looking for a Fix

    by Beata Bishop

    It's possible to get addicted to anything, not only alcohol, drugs, tobacco. A middle-aged man is reported to have got hooked on cough remedy. The author saw a woman popping throat...

  7. Lost for Words

    by Beata Bishop

    The author was inspired to write this column after reading a small news item on how many parents don’t talk to their young children at all, and as a result these kids are barely ab...

  8. Managing Times of Change and Transition Amidst the Chaos of Everyday Life

    by Simona de Serdici

    Have you ever thought of journal-writing as a powerful and effective way for managing times of chaos, stress and decision-making? Taking time out to express your thoughts, feelings,...

  9. More on Existential Philosophy and Modern Psychotherapy

    by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

    In an earlier issue of Positive Health (Issue 40, May 1999) the influence of existentialism on modern psychology was discussed. Here we will continue this discussion, looking at bo...

  10. Moving Towards Serenity

    by Beata Bishop

    The experience of finding a quick solution to a problem by looking at it from a slightly different viewpoint flashes through my mind every time a client or a friend complains abo...

  11. On Being Alone

    by Beata Bishop

    In this column the author discusses solitude as she wonders whether all the noise and chatter that most people create around them is to help them feel connected and ‘un-alone’. S...

  12. Our Best Drug

    by Dorothy Rowe - Deceased

    This article points up the difference between old and new methods of psychiatric drug research. Most important is the way new methods emphasize the importance of placebos, followin...

  13. Personality, Types and the Energygram

    by Dr Heather Parsons PhD

    This article is a detailed account of personality types, based on the idea that very early in life we choose what kind of a person to be.

  14. Psychosomatic Disorders and Hypnotherapy

    by Sally Stubbs

    At age eighteen I left school and joined The Manchester Royal Infirmary to train as a nurse. I wanted to be involved in curing suffering. Observing many horrific illnesses in the wa...

  15. Psychotherapy as a Humane Discipline (A paradigm for therapists)

    by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

    Many psychotherapists are uncertain about their values and confused about the general values of psychotherapy.

  16. R-E-S-P-E-C-T - Strategies for Defusing Anger

    by Dr Joseph Shrand

    Deeper inside your brain resides the limbic system. This more ancient portion of the brain, the product of millions of years of evolution, directs our impulses and emotions, and hou...

  17. Shock and Trauma

    by Will Wilson

    Effects of shock are often missed by doctors and therapists. Such things as surgery, falls, car accidents and physical, emotional or sexual abuse, and less obvious events such as f...

  18. The Dance of Selves in Relationship

    by John Kent

    In becoming the person we are, we develop certain aspects of personality and suppress others. Often we fall in love with another person because they express the sides of ourselve...

  19. The Either-Or Fallacy

    by Beata Bishop

    Beata Bishop draws on her own experiences of dealing with cancer 20 years ago to explain the dangers of ‘either-or’ thinking in one’s approach to healing.

  20. The Hamster on the Wheel

    by Beata Bishop

    Beata Bishop uses the image of a hamster on a wheel, climbing endlessly and getting nowhere, to symbolize the pitfalls of circular thinking.  She comments how it is usually based...

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