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  1. Fuelled by Passion

    by Beata Bishop

    This feature addresses the issue of our lack of energy which can lead to a lack of action, lethargy and general disinterest. The author talks about some of the great talents of thi...

  2. Gestalt Therapy and Humanistic Psychology

    by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

    Psychology is a discordant discipline. The beginning of the 1900s saw the rise of behaviourism in the laboratory, and the ascendancy of psychoanalysis in the treatment room. Arou...

  3. Half Full or Half Empty?

    by Beata Bishop

    The author looks into the psyche of people, and how they create the world they live in. Having worked with a variety of clients over the years, she says she has noticed how some of...

  4. Hamstrung by Habit

    by Beata Bishop

    Beata Bishop gives us examples of how people become fixed in rigid habit patterns. She says the key words to listen out for are 'always' and 'never'. People who say they always do ...

  5. Healing with Laughter

    by Beata Bishop

    This Column gets into laughter and its power to heal. Humans are probably the only creatures for whom laughter is the greatest and most necessary free spice of life, says the autho...

  6. Holistic Wellbeing: Approaches To Coping With Anger

    by Kay Zega

    Anger management is about helping people understand the patterns of anger from their past, become aware of the triggers for their anger, and learn ways either to defuse anger, if...

  7. How Our Own Personal Space Impacts On Our World

    by Andrew Pearce

    In this article the author explores the inter-relationship between personal and professional development of the therapist and the presenting client base. He provides a synopsis of ...

  8. How to Find Your ‘Mojo’ and Keep It!

    by Sally Stubbs

    When we have our ‘MoJo’ with us we can feel we have a connection with an innate kind of ‘magic’ within us. Children have it!

  9. How to Successfully Achieve Inner Goals

    by Sally Stubbs

    My Vision is to guide you to empower yourself to successfully achieve your Goal, and for you to be experiencing your immeasurable potential. As you read and absorb what I say my ho...

  10. How to Successfully and Permanently Achieve Inner Goals Part 2: Two of the Five Practical Steps

    by Sally Stubbs

    Today we are going to explore and begin to Work with the first two practical steps, to successfully and permanently achieve your goal; the next three of these five steps we will ex...

  11. How to Survive a Family Holiday

    by Lisa Turner

    The author provides a very helpful set of rules for a holiday that won’t be perfect, but has some chance of being enjoyable! Among these are sharing planning and responsibilities. ...

  12. Human Relations (Part II)

    by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

    In the last issue of PH (31), we looked at a paradigm of different types of human relations based on the Gestalt Therapy method of Frederick "Fritz" Perls (1893-1970). The first tw...

  13. Human Relationships

    by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

    Gestalt therapy carries an existential message about human relationships. Perls' epigrammatic statement of his ethic of interaction is contained in this little verse: I do my thing...

  14. Hunting the CatEx

    by Beata Bishop

    The author of this short article, a psychotherapist who works along Jungian and transpersonal lines, gives a brief insight into the causes and negative effects of CatEx, or catas...

  15. I'm Not Mad, Doctor, It's the Rest of the World

    by Robert D Dangoor

    The article has examples of common sense sayings giving good advice for the everyday situations we may encounter. It will be your true friend who tells you the hard truths. 

  16. Identity Crisis?

    by Sally Stubbs

    Identity Crisis? Let us consider what we talking about here? And in particular how this information will be truly useful to you – or for someone who you really care about?

  17. Identity Problems

    by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

    This latest article from regular contributor, Sheldon Litt, discusses the issue of Existentialism in Psychotherapy and how such an approach can be of great value in the consulting ...

  18. In Praise of Curiosity

    by Beata Bishop

    Curiosity:  from Latin curiosus. meaning inquisitive or assiduous.  It is a great gift of mankind, driving creativity and inventiveness, art and science.  “What if....”, leading us...

  19. In Praise of Risk

    by Beata Bishop

    According to the author, risk-taking is part of the inner journey and a life without risks lacks colour, zest, adventure and eventually results in an overdose of boredom. Without r...

  20. In Search Of Solace - Finding Comfort through Counselling

    by Kay Zega

    In this Expert Column, Kay Zega writes that in the current climate of uncertainty as the 'credit crunch' bites and the 'economic downturn' impacts in varying degrees throughout soc...

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