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  1. 10 Health Benefits of Mindfulness

    by Stannah

    “Developing countries have high, and increasing, issues with heart health, mental health problems, relationship breakdown and substance abuse because we live in a culture of busy-ne...

  2. A Guide to Meditation

    by Swami Shivapremananda

    In the West, the word meditation, means a concentrated state of mind in serious reflection. The Latin root of the word meditation mederi means to heal. It is an effort to heal affl...

  3. Application of Mindfulness for Work-Related Stress

    by Dr William Van Gordon

    According to the UK Health and Safety Executive, work-related stress results in a loss to the UK of 10 million working days each year and similar statistics are reported for the US....

  4. Be Still on a Daily Basis

    by Jason Chan

    In this article the author discusses the benefits of being still. Sitting still, he says, for even five minutes a day, every day for a month, can begin to transform your life. It a...

  5. Best Plants for Meditation and Healing

    by J Parker’s Dutch Bulbs (Wholesale) Ltd

    According to the statistics from Bupa Global, over 26% of UK adults meditate because of its healing benefits, with British men (30%) practising meditation almost twice as much as wo...

  6. Choosing to Listen

    by Dr Nirvana Tehranian

    This article focuses on the importance of the present moment and listening – how or when do we listen, and to what we are listening. It also looks at why, when we are in a state of...

  7. Creating a Sacred Space

    by Roselle Angwin

    There is a beautiful poem by the Spanish poet Antonio Machado and translated by Robert Bly, in which the jasmine-scented wind calls to the poet soul, offering its perfume of jasmin...

  8. How I Met Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho)

    by Andreas Mamet

    This is an account of the author’s spiritual journey, as well as of a real-world journey to Rishikesh, a spiritual centre in the Himalayas.

  9. How Meditation Is Changing With The Times

    by Linda Hall

    Far reaching changes brought about by recent advances in technology and science have created fundamental shifts in the way meditation is perceived and practised. The enlightened age...

  10. How Meditation Transformed My Life

    by Elizabeth Garner

    This article focuses on the power of meditation. The author shares how and why she got into meditation as well as its positive effect on her. She describes her initial experience...

  11. How to Slow Time Down

    by John Hendry

    As I write, in September, a brochure has just arrived in the post emblazoned Christmas Gifts. OK, some of it’s proper forward planning, but we do seem to need something to look forw...

  12. Introduction – A Mindfulness Guide for Survival

    by Ruby Wax

    If anyone had told us a few weeks before March 2020 that most of the world would be unable to leave their homes because a virus was going on a rampage, we would have said it was a b...

  13. Living Mindfully

    by Lee Ronald

    Insight Meditation, also known as 'Vipassana meditation' centres around our conscious engagement with the breath. Its roots are in Buddhist teachings which have been circulating fo...

  14. Meditation - A Practical Approach to the Art of Relaxed Awareness

    by Martin J Handy

    The author, a meditation teacher, emphasizes important aspects of his role, such as reassurance and encouragement, as well as the wide knowledge he needs to impart in terms of the ...

  15. Meditation - a Way of Life

    by Linda Hall

    So much time is spent living in the relative dream worlds of the future or the past, we would do well to remember that both come from the present moment. The more we are able to li...

  16. Meditation - Antidote to Stress

    by Nancy Goudie

    Nancy Goudie, public speaker, author, broadcaster, singer and teacher, looks at the possibility of alleviating stress through meditation.

  17. Meditation & Mindfulness Toward Positive Transformation and Fulfilment

    by Alex Montagu

    We all exist in two different worlds. One is the external world; the other is our inner world. We tend to spend all of our time in the outer world but very little, if any, in our i...

  18. Meditation for Health

    by Lita de Alberdi

    Put simply, meditation is a way of slowing down. By sitting for maybe twenty or thirty minutes at a time, focusing on your chosen process, you can move into a space where you may e...

  19. Meditation for Personal Transformation

    by Jon Shore

    This article is not written to your intellect. It is addressed to someone deeper within you. Read slowly. Do your best to just read it without judgment, and soon you will begin to ...

  20. Meditation for Self-Realization

    by Carol Palmer

    This article describes an ancient form of pure meditation, involving learning and practising given breaths. It is a deeper meditation than the meditative states that can be achieve...

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