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Mind, Miracles and Meaning Part II: Miracles ‘are’ Meaning

by Gina Pickersgill(more info)

listed in nlp, originally published in issue 219 - January 2015

A simple sound such as “mmmmm’ can carry so much meaning that we make it up in our minds that it’s actually real. This has us thinking that what we believe is going to happen - actually does. In these cases, it’s important to realize that what we think of as ‘fate’ is actually destiny in disguise. In so much as we can create our destiny; the potential to misinterpret the signs that guide us on our path is massive. Making sure elements we pay attention to are the sustainable fabric of our life scenarios is the one thing that needs to be listened to in terms of engaging our imagination for change.       

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Imagining the Future Now

In place of the usual thoughts that swim around in our heads we can make meaning out of new ones that we choose to develop in our imaginations. Creating change entails a change of mind and the worthiness of that makes us pay attention to the things that matter to use most such as family, friends and loved ones. Inspired by those ideas, we make meaning and expect miracles to happen that will make us happier, more joyful and at peace.

A maze of ideas can be jotted down when in the flow of creative joy and positivity. These ideas will give you clues as to what direction you need to focus your thoughts in and gain traction on the concepts being delivered through your psyche. When you imagine a future whereby you can train your mind to produce the outcomes you want, you can fundamentally change how you feel about the processes that give you alternative perspectives. Some of the processes that you have been using such as meditation, yoga or Reiki is to open you up to new perspectives and show you ways of being that transgress maladaptive behaviours, unsettling emotions and upsetting situations. Transforming your thoughts into realizations that give you access to these potentials will be the process you use to engage the renditions of life scenarios that most appeal to your inner joyful experience. So how do miracles happen in a way that has you knowing it was your thinking that created it?

Miracles and How they Happen

When you ask with your heart for something you need, the forces of the universe will pull together to create the situations that need to be there for that to occur. In other words, you will be prompted to move in a certain direction, speak to a specific person or move to a different town. These ‘knowings’ come from a place that is not visible to the eye but can be felt with the mind and heart through being in tune with its resonance. We learn how to manage this ability through diligent practice and mindful management of the elements that create the awareness capabilities of those whose intention is pure and focused.

Realizing potentials is a matter of being in line with those quests and how they create meaning in the form of understandings that present themselves to your psyche. Remaining in the flow of understanding helps you to learn ways to respond more usefully. In this way, you can respond to what matters and understand how that plays out in your experience. In the main, your focus is maintained on what works to help you survive. Survival then, is a process of being in tune with the elements that allow you to produce the understandings that give you the ideas to move forward.

Mind, Miracles and Meaning

A Focus to Believe In

Imagining a future you can believe in is a matter of using your mind to create the images, thoughts, feelings and experiences you want to have. There are parts of your life that you want to keep the same and there are parts that you want to change. In deciding what’s going to stay the same and what’s not, you need to analyse what elements are useful and what elements are not. In looking at elements, we need to consider whether they are useful, functional and applicable.  

Is it Useful?

When things are assessed as to how useful they are there is an assumption that some outcome is desired. Many people go through life not really knowing what they want; this causes confusion, unfocused thinking and bad decision making. In order to transition your thinking from what you want to what you know you really want, you must know what it feels like to really want something from the heart. This requires intense self-awareness and ability to make changes in the moment. Sometimes we think we know what we want, when really it’s about being blocked or limited in some way. To unblock this limitation there are tools we can use to transfer it into something more useful or change perceptions that create ideas that fulfil other outcomes that are unintended consciously. This can lead to people asking ‘why me?’ or ‘how can this be?’

I do find that patterns of awareness give us clues as to what we need to do next. For example, if you notice that you respond in a certain way to people or situations, you can notice this as an energy pattern that is tied to your psychic energy body. The labelling of these emotional responses to a situation is what we call a ‘personality trait’; that is, we display ways of being in the long-term that give us our perception of how other people see us. Tools such as the Myers Briggs or Enneagram are well known for their ability to categorize our responses and give us a ‘personality type’ reading. However, personality typing is geared towards industries that rely on consistency and reliability. Therefore these tools do not account for change or even epigenetic restructuring of a personality type. Therefore, functionality becomes obsolete and devalued.

Mind, Miracles and Meaning

Is it Functional?

Functionality is the process of being able to use an idea in a way that is useful. This means that what you think about has to work in conjunction with other elements that match the process of usability. For example, if you were to make a decision that follows a thought process of learn, be, do, have, you might experience the following scenarios:

You are working on a project and an ideas comes to you (learn) that makes you think about it in a different way (be). You think about how that might work in reality and then make plans (do) to ensure you have the right tools for the job (have). So then it becomes functional. If any one of these elements are missing, you could find the functionality of an ideas to be a problem. Another scenario might be that you gain a new issue that forces you to think about things in new ways. Here you would have to analyze the situation (learn), think about how you are going to solve it (be), make changes to your lifestyle (do), and experience the results of doing so (have). In ‘learning’ you are creating new knowledge. In ‘being’ you are experiencing the patterns of thinking in ‘being’ that new knowledge in ‘doing’ you are actualizing that new knowledge. In ‘having’, you are manifesting that new knowledge. Your life takes on new meaning and living becomes more expanded due to being more flexible in responding to situations differently. Applying this new knowledge then becomes evident

Is it Applicable?

In thinking about applicability, you have to notice the moments in which new ideas, behaviours and thoughts become relevant. If it’s not relevant, it won’t matter and that will be the main premise here, that is, how we become relevant in our own lives. Relevance is a matter of ‘being’ what you need to be, when you need to be it. It’s that simple, really. For example, if you need to be brave in a certain situation, say - giving a public speech - you need to learn how to hold yourself, speak clearly and give a good speech by bringing it altogether in one moment. All those elements make up the meaning of what we might label as ‘being brave’. Therefore, ‘being brave’ was applied to a situation where you needed to use it wisely. Application then, is the process of fitting the solution to the purpose for the outcome it is designed to produce. Think about where you need to create new meanings and add texture to your life and you may just find yourself living a life of miracles full of meaning you created deliberately with focus and determination.

Miracles are Meaning

We can only create what we think about. Therefore, manifesting miracles via meaning is a process of being in tune with your heart’s desire. The flow of feeling you get when you focus on what excites you and motivates you toward action is a sign that your heart is making decisions at the unconscious level; all you have to do is follow the signs that lead you to the treasure. The treasure being that thing you desire most. The thing you desire most being that which you discover along the journey of being in tune with your highest self. It is in this way we discover that miracles are mean ing.


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