Issue 35 December 1998


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  1. Allergies and the Missing Link

    Doris Grant

  2. Eliminating and IgG Food Allergy Testing

    Dr Sidney MacDonald Baker, MD

  3. Chi Nei Tsang

    Christopher Larthe

  4. Authentic Feng Shui

    Pauline Jeffreys

  5. Kalarippayat: The Martial Art of Kerala, South India

    John Paul Cassie

  6. The Healing Power of the Flower Essences

    Rosemary Williams

  7. The Power of Thought over the Physical Body

    Keith Mason Ph.D

  8. Transformative Meditation

    Dr Mark Edwards

  9. Pratima - Female Spiritual Teacher

    Marjolein Wolf

  10. A Bright future for Light Therapy

    David Noton, Ph.D.

  11. Colour Therapy for Anorexia and Depression

    Alison Demarco

  12. Letters to the Editor Issue 35


  13. Editorial Issue 35

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  14. Ab Nauseum

    Joel Carbonnel

  15. To Lie or not to Lie

    Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

  16. Treating Children with Homoeopathy

    Dr Angela Jones

  17. Implications of Molecules in Emotion

    June Butlin

  18. Why Research?

    Dr David Peters

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  1. alternative medicine

  1. cancer

  1. nutrition

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