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The Power of Thought over the Physical Body

by Keith Mason Ph.D(more info)

listed in mind matters, originally published in issue 35 - December 1998


How many times a day do we ever question a thought? Seldom, I guess.

Similarly, do we ever enquire as to where this or that idea came from; was it your idea, or was it mine? Do thoughts arise within the mind or do we actually receive thoughts from some other source within our bodies, and are we actually affected by the thoughts of others around us? It appears we go about our daily lives blindly accepting the thoughts and ideas that are the origins of all our actions.

The power of thought processes and the act of thinking, and the effects upon the human organism in connection with health and illness, have largely been ignored by conventional medicine. The term 'mind-body medicine' is employed by many complementary practitioners to convey the important role of thought, not only in the healing process, but also as a causative factor acting at very profound levels of our conscious and subconscious minds.

Painting of Head

Essential Nutrition

It is only when our bodies are sick or not performing to their optimum potential that we ever question if the symptoms experienced are perhaps the start of an illness, requiring a visit to the doctor. Perhaps there is a lack of a particular nutrient, vitamin, mineral or other supplement within our daily diet that would aid recovery, or perhaps a little time and patience along with some observation of the body's natural healing ability is all that is necessary.

Often a practitioner will suggest a change of diet or abstinence from a certain adored food or drink for a period of time. Perhaps the introduction of vitamins and minerals, then witnessing for ourselves the changes in the physical body, will allow us to observe changes in the symptoms experienced. This phenomenon often invokes in people a question; how is it our bodies know what to do, and what is within the cells of our body that has the intelligence and power to heal?

When we injure or cut ourselves, we are not consciously aware of the unseen processes that immediately swing into action, causing the blood to coagulate at the site of the wound, and thank goodness not anywhere else in the body! The special cells that suddenly appear to fight infection, and other innate processes that begin working automatically as part of the healing phenomenon. It all happens without our conscious intervention; the cells of the body just get on with the job by themselves, whether the situation is acute or a threatened chronic condition.

This fact alone must encourage us to believe in the existence of a potent force we cannot see, feel or touch, yet which probably plays the most important role of all within our existence, and within the existence of all living matter whether animal, vegetable or mineral.

This is the power of the mind, and not just that area of the brain housing our conscious minds, but the mind that must exist within every living cell in the body.

The body's automatic nutritional absorption, digestion, healing and correction occur without conscious thought from ourselves and surely must involve some form of energetic force that we cannot see, feel or touch. Are there thinking processes that go on within the minute cell structures of our bodies that actually know what to do in an emergency?

We can take this one step further and question the resultant effects in the physical body of stress, anxiety, love, anger and jealousy, all of which exist as thoughts and energetic forces that we cannot see, touch or measure, yet of which we are only too well aware. Just like the wind in our face, we feel it yet cannot see it pass us by.

What we are witnessing here in the effects of stress on the physical body, is the pure energy of thought processes that are affecting the matter of our physical bodies, and this entire phenomenon still remains an enigma to modern day science.

Mind over Matter

In recent times considerable discussion has taken place regarding the human mind and medicine, and the power and capability attributed to the mind as it influences the body. There are a number of successful cancer treatment techniques that are based purely upon visualisation and the focusing of the mind and the mind's energy. It is, of course, impossible to actually observe these methods in practice apart from seeing a patient in a serene state of peace and quietness; one can only witness the resultant effects as the betterment of health.

On these occasions the person(s) must be tapping into the energetic and unseen force fields of the mind and its thought processes as well as the minute controlling processes of the cells within the physical structure itself.

The main detrimental source of influence on the body in today's modern world is stress and the thinking processes coupled with anxiety, fear and apprehension. There is generally a less positive outlook to life by most people, and the negative approach to life brings havoc to the physical body. Most people are unaware of this potent negative force that has the power to change the way cells behave in the body.

Wherever you are at this moment in time reading this article, whether seated or standing – if suddenly an event took place that was typical of your own worst nightmare; the sudden appearance of a spider, snakes or a scream of absolute fear from another room in the house - an adrenal rush second to none would flood your blood stream giving you action potential for either flight or fight. The immense internal chemical reactions in your body would be set up by pure thought, as no chemical matter enters your body to cause the chemical reaction needed for the adrenal rush.

Mention has been made of the actions arising from thought, not only in regard to providing energy for the fight and flight mechanism, but also the concept of thought being a subtle energy actually causing a measurable chemical reaction. In fact, the very act of thinking itself has many and varied repercussions in the body, for it can cause changes in the blood supply, alter blood pressure and pulse rate.

After periods of protracted mental concentration, the body becomes sluggish and tired, making it more difficult for the mind to continue working efficiently – a phenomenon we have probably all experienced at one time or another.

In my many years of Naturopathic practice I have completed a data bank of material that convinces me that certain types of recognised stresses and thought processes have a profound effect upon the physical structures of my patients. Asthma patients often have a history of loneliness or have withdrawn from relationships or a business that previously meant much to them. Some asthmatic children will have a history of stress at being moved from a favourite school where they miss a special friend, but are unwilling to tell their parents. There is, of course, the additional problem of children being exposed to the overuse and abuse of chemicals, but the holding of thoughts and stress within and not speaking about them will often lead to illness of the respiratory tract.

I find angina patients often have a rigid way of thinking, being rather unbending in their attitudes at times. Skin conditions can arise from emotional stress that affects the digestion, and circulatory conditions often have a history of unrequited love.

In my opinion it is of paramount importance to establish if possible the cause of a patient's illness, and any prescribed supplement or remedy must address not only the observable symptoms, but where necessary the correction of the causative and negative thoughts.

Thought can and should be a constructive agent in the maintenance of good health, but it can also be destructive in relation to the health of an individual. Good health is obviously more enjoyable than ill health; even so, there are those who seem to 'enjoy' the latter. Perhaps their pleasure is derived not so much from the actual illness, but from the constant attention they hope to receive through being ill.

There are many different terms used to express the power of thought in relation to illness – psychosomatic, self-limiting, hysterical, and so on – each of which is capable of producing symptoms at a physical level.

However, probably the most powerful aspect of thought as a major cause of illness is fear and anxiety, for it can weaken the constitution and lower the threshold of the immune system. The recognition of fear-induced illness is nothing new.

Of course, organic disease can be attributed to factors other than thought, but the crucial role played by thought in the process of maintaining health or developing ill-health is too great to be ignored.

The management of stress in today's world is of paramount importance if we are to stay healthy. Many people in their normal working day are subjected to anxiety, worry and very often fear, and in many cases fear of a particular illness actually induces comparable symptoms. Fear of unemployment, or lack of fulfilment in their work can lead to a lack of interest in their present surroundings; this develops complacency and in turn will affect the way the bodily functions perform.

All of these factors if manifesting for long periods of time will lead to illness, as the negative thoughts affect the functions of the mind energy of cell structures of the body, and this changes the nutritional and absorption processes that keep the body healthy.

Thought is all-powerful, please use it positively and wisely.

Further Information

For further information and a case history contact Keith Mason at Breamore Mill, Breamore, Hampshire, SP6 2AF. Tel/Fax 01725 513018

Some years ago when I lived and practised in Africa I heard an ancient Arab tale in which Pestilence met a Caravan on the desert road to Baghdad.

'Why are you going to Baghdad?' asked the Arab in charge of the Caravan. 'To take five thousand lives,' replied Pestilence.
On the way back from the city the paths of Pestilence and the Caravan crossed once more.
'You told me a lie,' protested the Arab angrily to Pestilence. 'Instead of five thousand lives you took fifty thousand.'
'That is untrue,' replied Pestilence. 'I told you no lie. I said I would take five thousand lives and that is all I took, not one more or less. It was fear that killed the rest.'


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