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Roger Coghill MA (Cantab) C Biol MI Biol MA Environ Mgt is a Cambridge Biologist, Member of the Institute of Biology, and part of the SAGE Committee appointed by the Department of Health to advise on precautions, if any, needed to mitigate electromagnetic fields and radiation effects on health. He has directed his own independent research laboratory in South Wales for 25 years and may be contacted via

Articles by Roger Coghill

  1. Bioresonance - Fact or Fallacy? An Evidence-Based Approach

    Listed in energy medicine

    In this article which reviews the facts and fallacy of bioresonance, the author traces evidence relating to emissions of electromagnetic radiations – the motion of electrons ...

  2. Bioresonance Part II: Practical Approaches to Treatment

    Listed in energy medicine

    This second of a two-part article on bioresonance concludes with Roger Coghill examining practical ways in which it is being applied in complementary therapy today. Although still n...

Book reviews by Roger Coghill

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