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Bio-Resonance According to Paul Schmidt (English Translation) by Dietmar Heimes

by Dietmar Heimes

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[Image: Bio-Resonance According to Paul Schmidt (English Translation) by Dietmar Heimes]

This 424pp A4 hard cover textbook on Paul Schmidt’s method is the English version of the 2004 German edition, itself originally appearing over twenty years ago. Essentially designed for practitioners of his method, the first 200 pages nevertheless consist of an exposition of the foundations of Bioresonance and a historical account of its development, including useful background analyses, with examples, of Geopathic Stress and Electropollution. The remaining 200 pages deal solely with the specific settings required to treat an enormous range of symptoms using the equipment designed by Schmidt before his death in 1994. Schmidt’s work is now continued by his son Wolfgang, ensuring continuity of supply of the instruments and accessories necessary to practise the method.

The book is designed to be read by non-scientists, and starts with the basics of electromagnetic wave physics, continuing with an explanation of the Schmidt method and how he developed it from using a basic frequency generator in the 1970s to the modern sophisticated instrument range (Rayometer, Rayocomp, Rayocomp PS 1000 polar).

Schmidt proposes that disease begins with a disruption of the body’s normal oscillatory frequency (he gives this a value of 15.2, for example 9,850 Hz would have a fundamental frequency value of 9.85. These values depend also on the frequency band, so are not self consistent, which is a little confusing).

Schmidt wanted not only practitioners, but also private individuals to use his equipment, so the Rayometer range is for private and the Rayocomp for professional users. Accordingly, an important proportion of the book is devoted to practical examples of how to use his instruments, with helpful colour photographs, as well as a resume of Bioenergetic Analysis and Therapy (BAT.) a method developed by Manfred Denecke. Also of use is a bibliography, but mainly of German books and papers. The Rayonex and Rayocomp instruments and the book are available in the UK via Health Leads of Carmarthen. The concepts and techniques behind Bioresonance will be discussed in a separate article to be published in a forthcoming Issue of Positive Health.

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This title is available from Health Leads on Tel: 0845 345 8880;;

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