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Peter Smith RSHom FSHom has been a Registered Homeopath in practice in Cornwall, England since 1984. Since first becoming involved in the Lowermoor Water Poisoning Incident of 1988, which took place in N Cornwall in and around Camelford, he has been searching constantly for ways in which to help not only those affected by the aluminium sulphate but also the patients in his practice, to cope more effectively with the increasingly serious environmental toxic load which we all face. Drawn towards an eclectic approach, he has integrated Complex Homeopathy into his regular Classical/Practical homeopathic approach. Peter has been a bodyworker since 1982, starting with Spinal Touch, then briefly Orthobionomy and Hyperton-X, now referred to as Gentle Muscle Release (GMR) as well as developing tools or techniques for panic attacks, anxiety, stress ‘grounding’, ‘centre-ing’ and assertiveness. Peter may be contacted via pcksmith@talktalk.net   http://www.pcksmith.com/   https://cosmic-unicycle.com/      https://www.gmracademy.co.uk/

Articles by Peter Smith

  1. Turning Massage from a Yang Therapy into a Yin Therapy

    Listed in massage

    I describe myself as an eclectic holistic practitioner. Having had issues with my back in my early 20s, I have always been keen to seek relief where possible. Wearing my suit of bod...

  2. Riding The Cosmic Unicycle – Staying In The Saddle During Times of Great Change

    Listed in energy medicine

    I hope that this short article will show you how to empower yourself, ground and relax yourself and come back down-to-earth. During my career I have found that most people are ‘fre...

  3. The Prevalence of Aluminium in 21st Century Life – and the Role of Silicic Acid-Rich Water in Combatting It

    Listed in environmental

    Ground-breaking UK scientific research could enable practitioners to provide precautionary lifestyle advice that simply involves regularly drinking a unique mineral water.

Book reviews by Peter Smith

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