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Meggan Brummer (BA Hons) is a health writer, Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher, teacher of The Art of Living courses for the International Art of Living Foundation ( www.artofliving.org), singer and traveller. Having taught yoga in Africa and Asia, Meggan now lives and teaches in Sydney, Australia. Although she specializes in Yoga and Ayurveda, Meggan is dedicated to exploring and sharing the myriad of alternative ways in which we can live happier and healthier lives through her writing. She can be contacted on meggan.brummer@gmail.com

Articles by Meggan Brummer

  1. Yoga and Macrobiotics for Back Pain

    Listed in yoga

    Meggan Brummer begins by looking at the benefits of using ginger externally. According to Macrobiotics, a ginger compress can be used to relieve back pain, menstrual cramps, arthrit...

  2. Yoga for Diabetes

    Listed in diabetes

    In this overview, the author contrasts the eastern and western approaches to treatment of the various forms of diabetes and sets out what can be achieved using Yogic asanas or postu...

  3. Yoga and Ayurveda for Headaches and Migraines

    Listed in yoga

    According to Aled Francis, a Manipulative Physiotherapist from the Sydney Headache Clinic, treatment has traditionally focused on identifying certain features such as the frequency...

  4. Strengthening Digestion with Yoga and Ayurveda

    Listed in yoga

    This article focuses on our digestion and the ayurvedic wisdom of food and individual constitution (made up of Pitta, Vata and/or Kapha). The author touches on where and how we eat,...

  5. Yoga, Dietary and Lifestyle Approaches for Prostate Problems

    Listed in yoga

    In this article which focuses on prostate problems, the author says that although approximately 50% of Australian men may experience some type of prostate problem at some stage of t...

  6. Yoga for Weight Loss and Management

    Listed in yoga

    In this article on Yoga for Weight Loss and Management, the author says obesity has reached epidemic proportions globally, and a new survey has also found that half of the British p...

  7. Yoga and Dietary Tips for Good Liver Health

    Listed in yoga

    This article focuses on the liver, an organ that plays a crucial role in our health and wellbeing, and Yoga exercises aimed at strengthening sluggish livers.

  8. Mom has a Brain Tumour

    Listed in cancer

    This article focuses on the author day to day experiences, mental and emotional, with her mothers condition from the time she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. As a pra...

  9. Yoga and Ayurveda for Reducing High Blood Pressure

    Listed in yoga

    This article focuses on specific Ayurvedic and yoga remedies for high blood pressure. The author explains what causes high blood pressure, how to recognize if you have it and what t...

  10. Foods for Thought and Thoughts for Food

    Listed in ayurveda

    This article looks at how food affects our thoughts and feelings. The author shares her deeper understanding of this following a course on Ayurveda, ‘the Ancient Science of Li...

  11. Stroke - David 19 Years of Age

    Listed in heart

    The author presents a detailed account of an extremely articulate and vibrant 19-year-old straight A student experience as a stroke victim, both pre- and post- his attack.

  12. Vegetarianism - Our Gift to the Planet

    Listed in vegetarianism

    In this feature the author makes an excellent case for becoming a vegetarian or at least reducing our consumption of meat products. She drives the point home by detailing how going ...

  13. The Mystery of Sound

    Listed in sound and music

    The fact that everything is in a state of vibration means that everything is constantly creating sound, even if too subtle for the human ear to detect. Every cell type, organ and sy...

  14. Yoga For Weight Loss

    Listed in yoga

    The author reports that a 2005 study at the National Cancer Institute at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle found that 15 500 people in their fifties who regularl...

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