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  1. A Scientific Approach to Sound and Music Therapy

    by Gordon Dalgarno

    Music Therapists have long used music in an interactive way with clients. There are many CDs on the market for healing purposes; both with sounds and music, and some practitioners ...

  2. An opening up of possibilities: The Musician's view

    by Alannah Thomas-Moore

    Music plays an important role in healing and therapy. Much research has been done into the many beneficial effects upon the listener. However, little is known about the views of th...

  3. Breath, Voice, Speech

    by Edwin Alan Salter

    This article focuses on the importance of voice and speech and ways in which we can improve how we sound. Counselling helps people to find what they really mean and sometimes it i...

  4. Case Study Issue 86: Tomatis Listening Therapy

    by Ella Williams

    Ella Williams, Director of the Listening (Voice, Music and Language) Centre in London, describes the results of using Tomatis Listening Therapy (previously described in detail in I...

  5. Developing Your Voice as Part of Your Treatment Plan

    by Angela Caine

    The author points out the importance and power of the voice. She describes the development of the voice mechanisms, with special emphasis on the position of the tongue. Between the...

  6. Giving Voice: Transformational Tool

    by Jill Rakusen

    The author reports the success of Giving Voice (GV) when used with people with addictions and survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

  7. Harmonia Sound Essences

    by Lyz Cooper

    …sound is such a powerful and effective tool for healing and rebalancing because it is so easily recognized and assimilated by the body on all levels. By taking a sound essence you...

  8. Harp Therapy - The Jerusalem Harp Network

    by Sunita Staneslow

    This article focuses on harp therapy, which the author says should not be confused with music therapy as the latter uses music and instruments in clinical therapeutic settings, whi...

  9. Hearing Loss Communication Advice During COVID-19

    by Duncan Lambden

    Dealing with the COVID pandemic over the past year, and the continuing issues from it, has been a difficult time for us all. Whilst various vaccines are now available, there’s still...

  10. How Music Has The Power To Heal What Ails You

    by Kenny Davin Fine

    “Music treats the soul, and If you treat your soul the body will ultimately positively react,” says D. Kenny Davin Fine MD, a gastroenterologist who is also creator of Oro-Intestina...

  11. How to Protect Your Hearing in Seven Simple Steps

    by Stephen Wheatley

    Earlier this year, the World Health Organisation warned that over 1 billion risk permanent hearing loss from loud sounds. For most, the idea of losing our hearing is very worrying –...

  12. Let Music Be Your Chill Pill

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    “Music,” as philosopher Plato said, “gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” It not only fills us with the purpose of th...

  13. Listening to Music - Therapeutic Impact and Improvement of our Wellbeing

    by Dr Stella Compton-Dickinson

    Music affects everyone’s lives, whether it be piped music in shops, banks, hairdressers, work places, underground stations or exercise classes to name just a few.

  14. Moving Voice... Authentic Voice Work

    by Adrienne Thomas

    This article focuses on authentic voice work which utilizes the innate power of the voice in combination with the body's energy system to bring about change, transformation and rel...

  15. Music and Mental Health: Impact on the Elderly

    by Will Tottle

    Just like us, the elderly can suffer from mental health problems, but we often forget about them because they are older, and we don’t usually see them as people who suffer from thin...

  16. Music as Medicine

    by Hannah Lambert

    For centuries people have believed there is a profound link between music and health, but is there any evidence to suggest that music can be therapeutic in more than just an allego...

  17. Music for Relaxation and Massage and other Therapies

    by Rangy Holt

    Many of us ask ourselves how best to deal with excessive stress. One of the very effective options is with music, either on its own, in a relaxed environment, or as a complement to...

  18. Novel Breakthrough: Sound Conditioning for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

    by Chris Ellis

    Low-level stimulation therapies have been researched and practised for quite some time. With more and more evidence, applications, and use cases, low-level stimulation therapies ar...

  19. Pythagoras' musical - therapeutical treatment

    by Theresa Monaco

    Music and sound in the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda are essential for balancing the functioning of the doshas (representing the principles of creation, preservation and destru...

  20. Sacred Sound Therapy for Healing, Spiritual Growth and Meditation

    by Rachael Kelly

    Rachel Kelly looks at sound and the way that sounds can alter our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, both positively and negatively. She provides practical ways to m...

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