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  1. Be Vegetarian

    by BD Basu

    There are many convincing reasons to become vegetarian. The health benefits of many vegetables are itemised in the article, which also warns us that although meat offers nutritiona...

  2. Essentially Healthy but with Minor Ailments

    by Kate Neil

    Nutrition Practitioner Kate Neil recounts the case of Clare, ‘essentially healthy but with minor ailments’. Clare is a 28-year-old Marketing Director with a hectic work and social ...

  3. No More Beef - the Argument for Vegetarianism

    by Donna Jennings

    The author points out the massive environmental damage caused by raising animals for meat, particularly cattle.

  4. Raising a Vegan Adolescent

    by Wilma Kirsten

    When children hit the teenage phase in their lives, parents and carers often report a host of changes. These could include a change in personal hygiene, temperament and most distres...

  5. The Pitfalls of a Vegetarian Diet

    by Penny Crowther

    Vegetarianism is proven as a healthy way of eating. However, a poorly thought out vegetarian diet can have adverse effects, as Penny Crowther illustrates in her column using two ca...

  6. Top Five Sources for Meat-Free Protein

    by Joanna Steven

    In this article on animal-free protein diets, the author shares the views of some of the most competitive triathletes, professional dancers, bodybuilders and extreme sport racers.....

  7. Top Five Trends for Veganuary 2021

    by Louise Palmer-Masterton

    In my hometown of Cambridge, where Stem & Glory was the only vegan place in town in 2017, we now have five all vegan outlets, including two vegan burger joints. All are busy, w...

  8. Vegan Kids – How to Make Sure their Diet is Nourishing

    by Louise Palmer-Masterton

    Commonly questioned is whether a vegan diet is ‘safe’ for children and there are concerns that they will lack the right nutrition if they follow a vegan diet.

  9. Vegans and Protein – Myth-Busting

    by Louise Palmer-Masterton

    Ask any vegan the most common question they get asked, and it’s more than likely that they will tell you top of the list is: ‘where do you get your protein from?’ This has been an a...

  10. Vegetarianism - Our Gift to the Planet

    by Meggan Brummer

    In this feature the author makes an excellent case for becoming a vegetarian or at least reducing our consumption of meat products. She drives the point home by detailing how going...

  11. What Constitutes A Healthy Vegetarian Diet?

    by Wilma Kirsten

    Traditionally eating was, and still remains, a means to survival. Everything we ingest has an effect upon our health. What we eat determines the quality of our blood, which in turn...

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