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With over twenty five years experience in Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Keith Mason continues his Naturopathic practice at Breamore Mill in Hampshire, England. He treats patients throughout the world with varying illnesses using Radionics as the primary diagnostic protocol along with Homeopathy, Element Therapy, Biochemistry, Herbal Medicine, colloidal minerals and Bach Flower Remedies. Only a small percentage of the patients are local to the area as the development of a dynamic and accurate assessment protocol based upon specialised Radionic Analysis and Treatment instruments eliminates the necessity for personal consultations. The patient submits a completed case history and a hair sample to Keith Mason, and the results from the assessment are sent by mail, fax or Email to the patient. Dr Mason may be contacted on Tel: 01280 860204; www.healing-thoughts.com

Articles by Keith Mason Ph.D

  1. The Power of Thought over the Physical Body

    Listed in mind matters

    The power of thought processes and the act of thinking, and the effects upon the human organism in connection with health and illness, have largely been ignored by conventional medi...

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