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  1. 11 Habits of Happy and Healthy Highly Sensitive Persons, Part I

    by Dave Markowitz

    Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) tend to think of happiness as doing what you love and helping others in the process. While we don’t shy away from financial, material or relational jo...

  2. 15 Life Lessons from a Medical Intuitive, Part One

    by Dave Markowitz

    You know those moments when just one sentence brings your friend, client, or an audience from their heads into their hearts? Or when you unexpectedly say something so profound you c...

  3. 15 Life Lessons from a Medical Intuitive, Part Two

    by Dave Markowitz

    This blog is a continuation of 15 Life Lessons From a Medical Intuitive, Part One, which reminds us of those moments when just one sentence brings your friend, client, or an audienc...

  4. A Quiet Place

    by Penelope Moon

    Penelope Moon, a professional hypno-psychotherapist and teacher and founder member of Cheiron – A Quiet Place, presents a brief but informative overview of the principles behind th...

  5. A Super-Quick Thought-Management Technique

    by Acharya Shunya

    This specific technique is called pratipaksha bhavana. I call it the method of thinking deliberate opposite thoughts. When you encounter a bondage-creating thought, simply and delib...

  6. Against Mind-Body Medicine

    by Andrew Vickers

    While the body-mind link is central to the holistic approach of most forms of complementary medicine; a deterministic link between certain emotions and specific diseases is not h...

  7. Aligned Thinking for Optimum Health

    by Richard Morley

    High levels of stress hormones can make the immune system less effective, but most of the time our system maintains itself, despite the rigours we expose ourselves to. The best thi...

  8. Autogenic Therapy - the best form of self-help

    by Jane Bird

    Can we learn to activate our own self-righting mechanisms? Can we cause the healing capacity to work at our own command and directive, rather than giving that power to another pers...

  9. Autogenic Therapy: A Short Term Therapy for Long Term Gain

    by Sonia Saunders

    Autogenic Therapy (AT) for high levels of stress which exceed one's comfort level and eventually lead to various physical and emotional symptoms such as: high blood pressure, aller...

  10. Between Loneliness and Laughter

    by Zaak Fresh

    Loneliness is a feeling of emptiness and hollowness inside an individual. It results from smothered, festering feelings of isolation that produce the belief of being separated and ...

  11. Choosing Authentic Spirituality as Your Healer

    by Dave Markowitz

    I think it’s fair to say that most of us have either turned toward or dove deeper into some form(s) of spirituality with the intention of attaining greater peace of mind, more joy, ...

  12. Clinical Benefits of Peak States Therapy

    by Grant McFetridge

    In this article the author shows us how we can fully accept and reconcile alternative therapies with what we know to be true, based on what he and his colleagues stumbled upon by a...

  13. Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology - Mind-Body Integrated Health

    by Dr Alexandra Concorde (formerly Pandolfino)

    This article looks at how psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) can offer sustainable solutions to the many significant health challenges associated with stress. Using cases studies throug...

  14. Cultivating the Mind for Positive Health

    by Barry Mapp

    We are encouraged to exercise our physical body in order to maintain good health: To "use it or lose it". The current focus of this good sense is on our "body" and the heart. The s...

  15. Emotional Medicine

    by Dr Jenna Alice Burton

    Concern is growing for the continuous increase in mental health disorders within the western world. Likewise, psychosomatic conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fati...

  16. Enneagram: The key to fulfilment

    by Andrew Shaw

    Do you believe that you know who you really are? Do your friends perceive you in the same way as you understand yourself? Have you ever been in an argument and realised afterward...

  17. Finding and Releasing Emotional Causes of Disease

    by Sandra Hallawi

    Our emotions arise as part of our human response to life experiences.  How we respond to life can also have a direct cause-and-effect relationship with the onset and progression of...

  18. Finding Authentic Happiness

    by Nick Bolton

    For me, authentic happiness is about being authentic. By being ourselves, we can allow the feelings of fear, shame, guilt, anger and all the other corroding emotions to be far more ...

  19. Focusing With One 'S'

    by Jenny Brickett

    When we bring our awareness into the Present Moment and begin to notice what is happening in our own inner space, we are amazed at how much is there. We begin to notice subtly diff...

  20. Frequently Frazzled - The Highly Sensitive Person

    by Handan T Satiroglu

    The author of this article first stumbled across the term in the book The Highly Sensitive Person: How to thrive when the world overwhelms you by Dr Elaine Aron some five years ago...

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