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  1. Fulfilling Your Life Potential

    by Anthony Aurelius

    Anthony Aurelius is a Professional Life Coach, working with clients over the telephone. In this article, he outlines strategies that can lead to a happier and more satisfying life....

  2. Happiness and the Immune System

    by Dr Shara BA Cohen

    Dr Cohen is an immunologist, scientific consultant, science writer and lecturer who specialises in presenting science for non-scientists. Here she presents the biological evidence ...

  3. Healing Depression in the Highly Sensitive Person

    by Dave Markowitz

    Imagine your soul is a jigsaw puzzle. Let’s say this personal mosaic has 1,000 pieces. On their own, some pieces will appear dark and murky, and others will appear brighter and mor...

  4. Health Benefits of Gaming

    by Marcus Clarke

    Gaming is a hobby that is often unjustly maligned. However, despite its bad rep, gaming can actually be very good for you. So, how is this?

  5. High Functioning Autism in the Workplace

    by Frances Coombes

    Lots of adults with high-functioning autism go through life without ever having a diagnosis.  They may be thought of by colleagues as just like anyone else but a bit ‘quirky’ or di...

  6. How Our Beliefs Affect Our Lives

    by Penny Parks

    Unlike animals, humans compulsively make meaning of our experiences. When we have attached the same meaning to a repeated experience a number of times, meaning becomes belief. Thes...

  7. How to Control Emotion

    by BD Basu

    HOW do you define your emotional level? Are you aware that it is a function of your personality? If you perform all your duties and responsibilities starting from wake up to retir...

  8. How to Hack your Inner Discipline and Motivation

    by Adrian Szasz

    Discipline… motivation… If you’re into the whole self-development thing, odds are that you’ve already heard a few ‘clichés’ about the two concepts. Maybe you’ve read about why it’s ...

  9. How to Handle Loneliness when Loneliness is on the Increase

    by Christopher Paul Jones

    Loneliness is on the increase, and isn’t just related to the elderly. And the reasons behind the rise in loneliness, is actually really interesting. In this article, Harley Street t...

  10. How to Live Well with Chronic Illness

    by Richard Cheu

    ...the doctor walks in and greets you. Something about the doctor’s demeanour tells that you’re not about to receive good news. And you’re right. You are told that you have an incur...

  11. InnerTalk - Bypassing our Negative Dialogue

    by Mike and Stephanie Ozanne

    Subliminal communication is a most powerful technology. It can literally rescript the pre-conscious mind, stripping away negative expectations and self doubt, and replacing these d...

  12. Inspired Teaching: Tool for Transformation and Healing

    by Rick Thorn

    Teachers and practitioners, like great healers, tarot readers or personal development experts, need to know their subject in enough depth and have the confidence to share it with...

  13. Interactive Life Guide - Improve Resistance to the Common Poisons of Life

    by Svein Erik Scheie

    For most of my life I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. My mood went up and down, up and down. I experienced what most people experience; that things often do not always go as pla...

  14. Is It Practical to Target for Impossible Task?

    by BD Basu

    We all raise our hands whenever there is a struggling situation and we need to perform impossible targets. Many a time, some task which may be difficult for you to achieve, but mayb...

  15. Life Mapping: Being Your Best

    by Brian Mayne

    The author sums up life mapping in the phrase 'it enables you to be at your best and, when you feel your best, you naturally produce your best results'. He sees three stages to the...

  16. Lucid Dreams

    by Dr Keith Hearne

    A 'lucid' dream is one in which you suddenly become perfectly aware – while still asleep and dreaming – that you are actually dreaming. Recounting some of his own research from ove...

  17. Mastering Your Emotions - Waking WREMS State

    by Ann Fillmore PhD

    WREMS – Waking REM State is a skill. Not therapy or pop-psych or new age magic – it is a practical tool that allows you direct access to your subconscious mind and the power to cal...

  18. Mind Mapping for Positive Health

    by Barry Mapp

    Mind Mapping was devised as a memory tool by Tony Buzan in the '70s and since that time, it has evolved considerably and its applications have extended substantially. A Mind Map® i...

  19. Mind Over Minefield

    by Dr Harry Alder

    Complementary medicine can be a minefield. Sometimes a battlefield. Its typical freelance sole proprietor can be as fiercely competitive as any ruthless corporate giant.

  20. Mind-Body Medicine Explained

    by Dave Markowitz

    Pain is a message from our body that there is a problem that needs to be sorted out, and if the pain signals are just shut off, the problem can get worse because we haven’t tackled...

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