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Helen joined Nutri Ltd in February 1997 as a Senior Nutritionist. She graduated 1988 with a BSc in Catering and Applied Nutrition, gained a PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) specialising in nutrition and anatomy, and has recently completed the Register of Nutritional Therapists' (RNT) update course. She is now a member of the board of the CENCP (Collegiate of European Certified Nutritional Practitioners), an independent team which is working towards establishing recognised standards in nutritional therapy. She can be contacted at Nutri, Tel: 01663 746559. Nutri Ltd is a supplier of nutritional supplements to health care professionals and agents for Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories. For more information on nutritional supplements to help with liver detoxification, or Great Smokies functional tests, please telephone 0800 212 742 and ask for department PHED1

Articles by Helen Kimber

  1. Natural Agents for Arthritis

    Listed in arthritis

    The cumulative effects of decades of use and mis-use leads to degenerative changes in joints. This damage is further compounded by a decreased ability by the body to repair joint st...

  2. All Natural Remedies for Parasites

    Listed in colon health

    Parasites have gained a reputation as ugly, hideous creatures that devour their hosts with vengeance, deriving nourishment and protection without giving anything back – a rep...

  3. Nutritional Approaches to Liver Detoxification

    Listed in detoxification

    The liver is the most hard-working organ in the human body. It performs many functions that are vital to life. It plays an important role in digestion (breaking nutrients down) and ...

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