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Christine H. Schenk, the founder of Energy-Body Medicine, is a leading expert for changing states of perception and the nature of the Energy Body with 38 years of experience in research and practice. She has specialized in supporting survivors of traumatic experiences with esoteric groups and sects and assisting persons in the psychological and social work fields relating to problems of ‘burn-out’. She has long advocated the need for ethics and job safety in energy-healing professions and consumer protection and has initiated such talks and offers counseling in all matters related to Energetic Job Safety. She is the founder of Energetic Job Safety based on the CHRIS®-Technique (Cellular Harmonizing Regenerative Integration System); her concept of being a physical body and an Energy Body as the core of sharpening one's own consciousness for energy matters puts her on the cutting edge of those in ‘traditional’ energy healing disciplines who are beginning to establish standards for these practices of the future.
Christine Schenk works in Germany and established The Christine Schenk Counseling Center for Energetic Job Safety® in Hamburg. She has taught in Europe, in the United States, Asia and the Middle East. She is author of the books "Handbook of Energetic Job Safety", "The Marriage between Physical Body and Energy Body - A Guide for a Better Understanding", and other four books published in German language. Christine may be contacted via office@chris-technik.eu  www.christineschenk.com   www.chris-technik.eu

Articles by Christine Schenk

  1. Protecting the Energy Body

    Listed in energy medicine

    This article warns of the potential damage that inappropriate energy work can cause to our energy body, through the inexperience, ignorance or selfish motives of healers and energy ...

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