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Protecting the Energy Body

by Christine Schenk(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 56 - September 2000

Experiences from the material world cannot be transferred easily. For instance, an apple that looks good may be incompatible with you in terms of energy. How does one find out whom one can trust? The healer, course trainer or energy worker whom you turn to is – physically – an adult. However, in terms of his or her knowledge of the energy world, this person could well be a child like you: inexperienced, enthusiastic, without knowledge of the potential hazards and without the necessary caution.

Some of what is done to you receives an aura of mystification. However, this aura is a facade for ignorance and unawareness.

Or this person could be an adult who knows how to use the rules of give and take in a one-sided way, to his or her own advantage. The subject of energy abuse of people and damage caused to the energy body by inappropriate energy work, ignorance of the potential damage to the energy body through incorrect dosage, the use of essences or machines, is very extensive and sweeping. Without your being aware of it, you could receive information or energy that you had not 'bargained for'. Nevertheless, you may think, feel and even act in accordance with this information. Therefore it is worthwhile to be alert of people's behaviour and of situations.

Gaining experience in the world of energy and dealing with the energy body consciously is a natural growth process. It can take place without any fear, calmly and in an entirely unspectacular way. You should also know that this development takes place without any mystification. The people who came to me in crises did not know that.

Especially in regard to this subject, you must have a certain amount of expertise in terms of your own self-acceptance, self-responsibility and self-esteem. The world of energy is an access to a different world and here it is absolutely essential to become an adult by gaining a positive and constructive understanding of development. Below are a few questions about situations that often pose problems.

1 Are you asked to carry ampoules with energizing essences you are not familiar with, so that energy and information can be transmitted to you (maybe without your even being aware of it!)?

2 You receive energized requisites, essences, elixirs or colour tinctures. Do you have a means of testing these objects you are asked to use to see if they are compatible or incompatible with your energy body?

3 What criteria does the person apply in classifying you? Is it only the appearance of your aura or your past or future life that is taken into account or are you also asked about the diseases and operations you have had, your current condition, whether you are in treatment or taking medicines?

4 Are you careful when you attend ceremonies or rituals where you receive energy for your energy body or you receive your energy body as such?

The energy body is not the possession of a chosen few who distribute this body or assign it to someone, like a cloakroom attendant handing out coats. The energy body belongs to you, because you also are the energy body. It is a part of your natural birthright. You don't have to acquire anything here.

Perception is Relative

In my work with clients, I take a crisis intervention approach. The clients who seek me out are primarily individuals who have experienced abuse in connection with the laying on of hands, long-distance healing or energy work. Many of them were injured as a result of improper energy work being performed on their energy body. Clients also feel frustrated when they perceive something different during energy seminars than what the course director describes they should be perceiving. They believe this means they are not 'normal' or they may even be told they have a problem.

Now, an injured energy body requires energy work in order to regenerate itself. However, due to the experiences of my clients, a new energy work session with laying on of hands or energy transmission was no longer an option. And it is so easy to have other perceptions! It suffices to tune in one's consciousness in the world of the energy body to a different frequency to see the 1st chakra as violet instead of the red it should be. Perceiving something else is not necessarily indicative of an energetic problem. Nevertheless, sensible individuals in particular tend to take such comments to heart and can experience a real crisis as a result of them.

The CHRIS® Technique

Due to the circumstances of my work in and on the energy body of clients, I had additional perceptions about the nature of the energy body organism. I developed a method in which the energy body can actively and consciously regenerate itself, i.e. the client can knowingly guide his/her harmonization process on the energy body level. The therapist just accompanies the process, instead of invasively intervening in it. This is how I evolved the CHRIS® Technique, Cellular Harmonizing Regenerative Integration System.

The Energy Body – Your Partner for Life

The energy body is a body with its own anatomical structure. It has organs, a respiratory and digestive system and extremities as well. Of course, everything looks a little different from the physical body. The energy body consists of a network of innumerable energy transmission lines, sites of energy collection and distribution. Meridians, acupuncture points, chakras, nadis and layers of aura belong to this anatomy. Information perceived and expressed through various states of consciousness is stored here. But the energy body is more than this.

Furthermore, the energy body has sense organs. It sees, hears, feels, tastes and smells. With its sense organs it perceives its own world, the world of energy. And it communicates with us, the physical body. This process could be compared to the selection of a broadcasting station on a radio. The better one is able to adjust the radio to a specific frequency, the clearer the information one receives. However, the information is then processed by the physical body, namely by both hemispheres of the brain. The processing depends upon the nature and extent of the stored information.

It tells us what it perceives in its world. These include experiences of everyday life as described above as well as those perceptions which we call extrasensory or enhanced sensory perceptions, e.g. clairvoyance, clairaudience, sensitivity, or to smell or to taste something that is not related to anything in the physical world.

All five senses of the energy body are designated as a 'sixth sense' (extrasensory perception).

The Ability to See

The ability to see as energy body energy is called clairvoyance. Clairvoyant people see the world of energy. When clairvoyant people are asked to describe their perceptions, they talk about colourful rays or clouds with humans, animals and plants. They talk about lines, patterns of dots or lines, or geometric figures that run through houses and spread into the landscape. Some have what is called X-ray vision; they can look through matter. This enables them, for instance, to analyse the physical body in regard to disease or other unusual phenomena.

The Ability to Smell

People with enhanced olfactory abilities can smell objects or situations beyond the olfactory perception of the physical world through the nose of the energy body. The objects and situations they smell with their energy body nose are odourless to the physical olfactory organ. Here are two examples to illustrate the refinement and conscious use of energetic perception of smell. A doctor in a psychiatric clinic 'smells' the attacks of her patients. She is able to describe these odours in a very abstract fashion. A nurse, on the other hand, says that some odours may be very well known from daily life; she smells smoke in the presence of cancer.

The Ability to Taste

Nearly everyone has felt the 'bitter after-taste' of an obviously difficult situation.

The ability to taste plays a role in the description of emotional conditions, for instance an angry person may be tasted as being sour and pungent or, in an abstract way, as being sharp or rough. Even a dish that is being consumed gives the eater an opportunity to activate his sensation of taste. The eater may taste the haste or nervousness of the cook.

The Ability to Hear

Hearing through the ears of the energy body is termed clairaudience. People with this ability orient themselves in the world of the energy body through the sounds and vibrations received by their energy body ears. They are sounds that are only heard in the energy body world. People who have the ability of clairaudience receive the vibrations of atoms in living and non-living matter. They describe these as very fine, high tones of various colours or as a fine burring sound or even a deep gurgle. Diseases can be heard as sounds, for instance diabetes as a shrill sound. Others can communicate with non-material beings such as angels or dead persons.

The Ability to Feel

Feeling has several functions within the energy body. By touching the energy body, for instance during energy work itself or in a therapy session, we obtain information through the tactile sense of the energy body in relation to the overall nature of the energy body. Perceptions of heat or cold and descriptions of cracks, holes or swelling express how the individual perceives the layers of the energy body or his surface consistency. One does not only feel the energy body. One may also perceive the energy fields in an entire room or building. Through feeling one can also perceive other areas. Some people feel the diseases or pain of others within their own (energy) body.

Statements like 'I feel like my colleagues are draining me of energy' or 'so-and-so hangs on to me like a leech' or others like 'being thin-skinned' clearly describe how much we have activated the energy body feelings.

Thus, we all have abilities like clairvoyance and clairaudience for example, because we all have eyes and ears in the energy body. Contrary to what is generally asserted, these abilities or phenomena are not something extraordinary. We need not be extraordinary human beings in order to have access to the world of energy. We must only try to find out what we are focused upon in this world – for instance what our eyes are focused upon. Think of the various statements made by witnesses of a motor accident. It's exactly the same in the world of energy.

You also have abilities of, for example, clairvoyance or clairaudience. You also move in both worlds. You have always moved in both worlds and will always do so, as long as you live. You only have to become aware of it.


The world of energies is not as one-dimensional as people sometimes say; each perception raises new questions.

I see energy work or working with the world of energies in general as pioneering work. We must proceed with much greater caution within this world. Many of our perceptions are akin to taking steps into an unknown world. What I mean by this is that we should not lose our joy of discovery but we still have to be aware of this fact in all that we do.

Further Reading


Schenk Christine. The Marriage between the Physical Body and the Energy Body. Oiri Edition. Vienna. 1998.

Articles in Journals

Schenk Christine. Vorsicht beim Umgang mit Energien. Raum & Zeit [Caution in dealing with energies. Space & Time]. 92: 17-22. 1998.

Further Information

Further information can be obtained from: The Christine Schenk Counseling Center for Energetic Job Safety®


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About Christine Schenk

Christine H. Schenk, the founder of Energy-Body Medicine, is a leading expert for changing states of perception and the nature of the Energy Body with 38 years of experience in research and practice. She has specialized in supporting survivors of traumatic experiences with esoteric groups and sects and assisting persons in the psychological and social work fields relating to problems of ‘burn-out’. She has long advocated the need for ethics and job safety in energy-healing professions and consumer protection and has initiated such talks and offers counseling in all matters related to Energetic Job Safety. She is the founder of Energetic Job Safety based on the CHRIS®-Technique (Cellular Harmonizing Regenerative Integration System); her concept of being a physical body and an Energy Body as the core of sharpening one's own consciousness for energy matters puts her on the cutting edge of those in ‘traditional’ energy healing disciplines who are beginning to establish standards for these practices of the future.
Christine Schenk works in Germany and established The Christine Schenk Counseling Center for Energetic Job Safety® in Hamburg. She has taught in Europe, in the United States, Asia and the Middle East. She is author of the books "Handbook of Energetic Job Safety", "The Marriage between Physical Body and Energy Body - A Guide for a Better Understanding", and other four books published in German language. Christine may be contacted via


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