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Restoration to Health after Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Poisoning

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in dentistry, originally published in issue 9 - January 1996

Once the basic step of amalgam removal is completed, there is work to be done in re-establishing normal physiological function of intestines, liver, kidneys, pancreas and the endocrine system. After, for some, a lifetime of mercury poisoning, the body’s alkaline/acid balance becomes deranged and endocrine, glandular and hormonal functions are disturbed. This is often demonstrated more in women than in men and often presents as panic attacks (and similar, such as agoraphobia), pseudo early menopausal symptoms and/or pre-menstrual symptoms. The imbalance in BASIC vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and intestinal flora was mentioned in the last article and will, therefore, be absent from this one but the correction of these is presumed as a base for the following. The same goes for dietary corrections.

The options to regain health after amalgam removal are many. One will be in a position of strength more quickly if all the options relevant are taken at once. However, because most alternative/complementary treatment is in the private sector, most people find that finances dictate the amount of treatment which can be undertaken.

Chiropractic/Osteopathic Treatment

Many seemingly unrelated symptoms begin to clear after amalgam detoxification such as joint pains/disabilities, tinnitus, migraine, skin problems, frequent infections, food and chemical intolerances. I have found that for these types of categories a useful co-treatment is a regular manipulative treatment which promotes structural rebalancing which does not seem to automatically happen when the amalgam is removed. It is as though we need reprogramming to re-establish what we once knew to be right. If relevant, hopefully such a practitioner would advise against the regular wearing of ill-fitting and high-heeled shoes which throw out spinal alignment, drain energy and alter the integration between the two brain hemispheres giving a spaced out feeling. Also one could be warned about carrying shoulder bags on the same side. These things are very relevant to people wishing to become well and rebalanced.

Acid/Alkaline Balance and Food Combining

Obtaining a list of acid/alkaline foods and using some food combining techniques makes an easier load for the digestive system during the recovery period. The correct acid/alkaline balance will enhance mood as well as digestion. Candidiasis can be less _troublesome with using the above until it is fully corrected.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Hydrogen peroxide therapy has been seen by some as a beneficial cleanser and balancer of the whole system. As well as detoxifying tissue, it balances hormones associated with low blood sugar. Peroxide is also well documented as an immune booster. Some practitioners have found that intravenous infusions give better results for some symptoms than taking it orally. Others seem quite happy with oral doses. However, the human body needs catalase enzyme to utilise peroxide and without enough the oxygen will not be released. This enzyme supplement is readily available from suppliers and so is oral hydrogen peroxide. (PLEASE NOTE: that the peroxide available in the High Street chemists is not for internal use and should not be classed as suitable for treatment. See Echo (UK) for information on this subject.) There are several books and research papers available about peroxide. They make fascinating reading. As with salt, water and most things, the correct amount is beneficial but the wrong amount can be injurious. Research and/or counsel from practitioners knowledgeable in the appropriate area is important.


After amalgam poisoning normal physiology can be quite altered. Kinesiological corrections are multiple and can balance many aspects of derangement such as muscles (joints, ligaments and bones via muscle corrections), blood chemistry, lymphatic system, phobias, intolerances/allergies, meridians (body’s natural energy channels), emotional problems and pinpoint other areas of correction needed. Kinesiology is a vast field and kinesiologists vary greatly in the work that they do. I do not know of any one kinesiologist who covers all available kinesiology. It is a field which is open to much personal creativity and one needs to evaluate carefully practitioners of any discipline rather than presuming what they will offer.

There is a peculiar propensity of alternative/complementary/holistic therapists to combine their work in the health field with their religious and spiritual beliefs. It is the right of all to choose to accept or reject any particular religious philosophy but it should be easily recognised as such and not subtly interwoven under the banner of health. I am not the only practitioner to object to the infiltration of the health field in this way. By putting this under KINESIOLOGY I am not implying that kinesiolgists are the culprits (indeed, some of the best kinesiologists are the strongest objectors) but I am saying examine creative therapies which are all right of themselves but open to misuse. I am a computer novice at present but the more I learn about computing the more it seems to correspond with the human psycho/bioenergetic system (which kinesiology “tunes” into) and I am finding experimenting fascinating.

Special Combinations

Certain nutrients come outside the broad vitamin and mineral category. Such items as CoQ10 and Ginkgo Biloba are two of these. Amalgam poisoning tends to affect the circulation in many poisoned people. The peripheral circulation is usually slow to respond to required changes. Circulation in the gums is also below normal. Many dentists are now using CoQ10 for gum disease and I have personally seen stubborn gum problems clear up using CoQ10, Ginkgo and peroxide treatment.

Aloe vera perhaps ought to have a section to itself. Authentic, properly prepared whole leaf Aloe vera is a powerful natural medicine and has been used to cure bacterial, viral and parasitic/fungal infections, injured tissues, inflammatory conditions, degenerative conditions, toxic conditions and more. It is important to find a quality supply as labelling can be very misleading. A long term regular daily dose is recommended.

Herbal/Homoeopathic Remedies

Specific herbal nutrients to stimulate cleansing of the bowels, liver and kidneys and herbal nutrient support for the same organs, pancreas, adrenals, enzyme system and hormonal system are certainly worth taking. Anti-parasitic herbs or homoeopathic remedies should also be considered to ensure that parasites are not an overlooked area. Many joint problems are parasitic in nature and I would consider this a routine area to deal with. Homoeopathic detoxification from drugs/vaccines, bacteria, viruses, fungi etc. is an ongoing beneficial process which will gradually add to health. Amalgam detoxification should be considered a long term process in the region of 12-18 months.


Any method of stimulating the body to return to its normal function is worth considering. Reflexology breaks up accumulated crystalline build-up which interferes with normal energy flow and stimualtes organs and tissues associated with these areas on the feet. (Ordinary reflexology, which most people are familiar with, works on the feet.)


This is not always a wise choice after mercury poisoning. If one had just had an infection, exercise would not be wise – rest and recovery would. The mercury poisoned person needs convalescence. If we relied more on our basic instincts in this area, most of us in such a situation would only choose gentle walking in fresh air as a natural reintroduction to health. Increase in exercise should be gradual and easily within capacity. However, fresh air and sunshine are very energising.

Relaxation and Encouragement

There are more adjuncts to recovery than mentioned in this article. Indeed an unorthodox but beneficial one is to watch anything which would stimulate a good laugh and “lightness of spirits”. A body chronically under a heavy load will delight in anything to promote the naturalness for which it was designed. Being well balanced in the approach to recovery will maximise it. Fanaticism and overly-seriousness will not aid recovery or enhance the joy of life. This is not always easy for those with panic type symptoms or symptoms which alarm such as palpitations. The road to recovery is seldom a straight line and there are periods of two steps forward and one step back. Such people will need a great deal of reassurance and encouragement during the steps back. The thought that one has tried everything and still symptoms persist can be devastating to a desperate-to-be-well person. This applies especially so to people who have to carry on with responsibilities regardless. The load can seem unbearable at such a time. Fortunately, there are some wonderfully encouraging books available if a support person is not on hand. One such series is written by CLAIRE WEEKS. There are also many others. Reading such books can be a great source of strength to those in need.


A regular relaxing therapeutic massage can be beneficial. Aromatherapy comes into this category as does lymphatic drainage massage. This relaxing therapy to the muscular and lymphatic system would work well with chiropractic/osteopathic treatments although there may need to be a few days between them so as not to disturb pre_vious treatments.

Emotional Stress Release

A continuation of emotional stresss release is always productive. As a way of life it helps keep stress levels from compounding and “beavers away” at already present levels.

Going Forward

It is surprising how many people have similar health problems and do not know of each others existence. Have you thought of putting an advertisement in your local free ads paper to start a self-help group for those with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome), panic attacks, amalgam poisoning, difficult symptoms and those who are not happy with drugs, vaccinations etc? There is a wealth of information and help available. Groups could get speakers and teachers in and organise, for instance, their own courses in stress release and information sessions.

Useful Supplies

Echo UK, Retford 01777 710290

SHS (herbal) Supplies, Sussex, 01273 202401

Practitioner Supplies, (herbal) Devon, 01271 870436

Lamberts Healthcare Ltd, Kent, 01892 552121

Nutri (Imports & Exports) Ltd, Cheshire 0163 746559

BioCare Ltd, Birmingham 0121 433 3727

Pharma Nord (UK) Ltd, Morpeth 01670 519989

The Nutri Centre, London, 0171-436 5122


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