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Vivienne Bradshaw-Black Cert Ed produced a health information course. She believes that the understanding of what causes health and what causes sickness can cut through the maze of confusion which dominates the sickness industry. Her desire is to teach this to those who choose health and offer contacts and support to individuals and groups taking responsibility for their own health choices. She can be contacted initially by email at viv@ichc.co.uk

Articles by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

  1. Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Fillings

    Listed in dentistry

    Mercury, the most toxic metal in amalgam fillings, has a long history of use and an equally long history of known toxic effects. Despite mans efforts to use mercury, its poisonous n...

  2. The Right-Salt Diet

    Listed in nutrition

    This article gives a taste of the true value of salt which is a natural substance, like flour and sugar, and should contain all the elements from its source, the sea. But in todays ...

  3. The Nutrition Maze Part I

    Listed in nutrition

    In this article the author focuses on the quality of nutrients and nutrition today. Food, she says, should contain bulk, nutrients and fuel. Plants grown in non-toxic mineral and mi...

  4. The Nutrition Maze Part II - Not For Eating

    Listed in nutrition

    In the first part of this two-part article the author explained the importance of using high-quality, pure food sources. In this second part she looks at sources that are not suitab...

  5. The Nutrition Maze Part III - Brain Involvement

    Listed in nutrition

    The author looks at digestion in this issue and how important it is to create the right environment for good digestion to happen. She explains that digestion is used for the body to...

  6. Transport of Nutrition from Mouth to Cell

    Listed in nutrition

    When considering nutrition, food quality and sources are usually the two factors that come to mind. This column, however, focuses on the connection between nutrition and lymphatic d...

  7. The Pitfalls of Reductionism in Nutrition

    Listed in nutrition

    Reductionism disregards essential synergy – the interaction of factors making their combined effect greater than the sum of their individual parts. According to the author, ...

  8. Nutrition in Health Versus Healing

    Listed in nutrition

    In this column on nutritional requirements for health and healing, the author looks at what is needed for maintaining health and promoting healing, and how nutrition is distributed ...

  9. Exercise and Nutrition

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    This column discusses the value of exercise and nutrition for better health, not just at the physical level but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

  10. Gout

    Listed in nutrition

    Bradshaw-Black warns that we must heed the warning signs of gout and not ignore them, as this prevents corrective measures from being taken and will allow the damage to continue unc...

  11. Water - of Vital Importance

    Listed in water

    About 25% of the human body is composed of solids (solute). About 75% of the human body is water (solvent). About 85% of the brain is water.

  12. Alternative Medicine - Definitions

    Listed in alternative medicine

    Orthodox medicine, which sees mind and body as separate entities, is based on Pasteur germ theory which has resulted in the £ multi-billion pharmaceutical industry which funds an...

  13. Herbs, Spices and Nutrition

    Listed in herbal medicine

    According to the author, what the modern Western diet normally overlooks, in addition to the quality and wholeness of foods, is the importance of herbs and spices as essential nutr...

  14. Nutritional Aspects of Adrenal Fatigue

    Listed in nutrition

    This column focuses on adrenal fatigue, an increasingly prevalent condition closely associated with sluggish thyroid function that affects virtually all bodily processes to some deg...

  15. Energy Credit-Crunch?

    Listed in detoxification

    Good health in terms of what we take into our body depends upon dealing with dehydration, malnutrition and toxicity. Dealing with the last first, we need to eliminate toxins such a...

  16. Perspectives And Perceptions: Am I the Real Me? (Part 1 of 2)

    Listed in detoxification

    Our perspectives are formed partly by through experience and partly through inheritance, at an early age. Our perspectives can be the determining factor in sickness or in health. So...

  17. Nutritional Aspects of Perspectives and Perceptions (Part II of II)

    Listed in nutrition

    The author continues to develop the theme of finding out who we truly are. She encourages us to become aware of and examine (and, ultimately, release) the past events and decisions...

  18. Immune Health and Efficiency

    Listed in immune function

    To understand immune deficiency, we must first appreciate immune efficiency. With this as the author starting point, the article describes the immune system and discusses both facto...

  19. The 'Production Line' to Cellular Nourishment

    Listed in nutrition

    This article describes in detail the process of nourishment, beginning with the importance of being in an alert and calm state of mind so that the anticipation of food by the brain ...

  20. ME: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Mercury Exhaustion?

    Listed in dentistry

    The author looks at connections between musculature, the nervous system and the brain and examines similar symptoms of toxicity given different diagnostic “labels” by the medical sy...

  21. The Best Nutritional Start for your Baby - Part I

    Listed in nutrition

    Human babies natural food is raw, whole breast milk, not animal or vegetable formula. Infants require only breast milk for about the first eight to nine months of life.

  22. The Best Nutritional Start for your Baby - Part II

    Listed in nutrition

    Weaning is an important experience because it establishes attitudes, approaches and emotional ties to eating, digesting and assimilating foods. Weaning should not be rushed and the...

  23. The Best Nutritional Start for your Baby - Part III

    Listed in nutrition

    At the beginning of Part I[1] of this article series, it was mentioned that love was the greatest gift any parent could give a child and covered right feeding as one aspect of love...

  24. Restoration to Health after Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Poisoning

    Listed in dentistry

    This article by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black continues from Mercury Poisoning in issue 8, where an amalgam removal protocol was outlined.

  25. Spongiform Encephalopathies, Principles and Ramifications

    Listed in nutrition

    The most well known of the spongiform encephalopathies (SE), which have been known about in animals for over two centuries and concurrent with the rise of ‘modern’ medicine, veterin...

  26. Spongiform Encephalopathies, Principles and Ramifications Part II

    Listed in nutrition

    Conclusions from research into SEs should always be examined carefully so that we are not relying solely the reports of the ‘foxes that guard the hen houses’. ‘The Jury is out’ is o...

  27. Thyroid Function, Fluoride and Cholesterol: Part One

    Listed in nutrition

    It is commonly taught that high cholesterol, in association with low thyroid function, is a cause of coronary heart disease. Many ‘authorities’ respond to this belief with choleste...

  28. Thyroid Function, Fluoride and Cholesterol - Part Two

    Listed in nutrition

    Fluoride and cholesterol are two of the many aspects which are linked to thyroid function, fluoride being a toxic cause of disruption, cholesterol being an indicator.

  29. Migraine Links

    Listed in headaches

    Migraine is a painfully intense, pulsating severe headache, usually affecting one side of the head (hemi crania) and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, visual and digestive dist...

  30. Effective Lymphatic Function Part I

    Listed in immune function

    All body tissues are nourished by tissue fluid. Most of this fluid returns to the blood via the lymphatic system. The lymph starts in tiny lymph capillaries and passes through larg...

  31. Effective Lymphatic Function Part Two

    Listed in immune function

    Energy is usually thought of in terms of muscular or physical energy resulting from adequate sleep and food; these are contributing factors in energetic manifestation and not the or...

  32. Adverse Radiation and its Effects on Health

    Listed in environmental

    Over the past few years there has been an intensity of discussion about the effects of adverse radiation, in all its forms, on general health and especially its relevance to cancers...

  33. Adverse Radiation and its Effects on Health Part II

    Listed in environmental

    Like it or not, society is geared to consumerism, economic gain and profit from a massive sickness industry. We are all part of society and there is no room for finger-pointing. ...

  34. Strategic Confusion in Health Issues

    Listed in environmental

    The abundance of confusion found within information on health issues is mind-boggling. Even searching for information on one topic can lead down a hundred other avenues, all with c...

  35. Real Food For Real Health and How ‘Stress’ Affects Both

    Listed in nutrition

    Some people consider real food to be the best quality produce that can be bought from a supermarket, small food outlet / local farm, grown organically, grown in the garden or even ...

  36. Mitochondrial Fatigue or Mitochondrial Sabotage?

    Listed in cellular chemistry

    Mitochondria are protein-rich small bodies (organelles) with a double membrane and are located in the cytoplasm of all[1] cells (except red blood cells). Mitochondria contain geneti...

  37. “We are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made...”

    Listed in dna gene expression

    Cells make tissues, tissues make organs, organs make systems and systems make the whole organism or body. Even with all of the knowledge mankind has today about anatomy and physiol...

  38. How Scary Concepts Can Affect Health

    Listed in detoxification

    You might be questioning why an article on fearful ideas would be relevant to health? What relevance does what I am fearful about have to do with my health? Isn’t health all abou...

  39. Depression has a Message

    Listed in depression

    Common dictionary definitions of “depression” relative to health are exampled below: A pessimistic sense of sadness, gloom, inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity An...

  40. Feeling Under the Weather

    Listed in environmental

    Feeling ‘under the weather’, apparently originating from a sailing term, is understood to mean “not feeling right” in health or wellbeing

  41. Can Beliefs Impact The Immune System?

    Listed in immune function

    In Disney’s portrayal of the Jungle Book,[1] Mowgli’s belief was that the python Kaa was friendly! In Mowgli’s case this belief was based upon ignorance and would have resulted in ...

  42. Are You More Than You See in the Mirror

    Listed in psychospiritual

  43. The Miracle of Light

    Listed in light and colour

    The child’s symptoms were persistent fits that hospital staff attributed to mitochondrial disease.[3]  The mainstream and private orthodox medical sources agreed that there was no p...

  44. Why Can’t I Work Out What’s Wrong With Me?

    Listed in neurological and neurodegenerative

    So many of us have multiple symptoms that seem to be dissociated. Visits to the doctor yield referrals to different consultants each giving tests and diagnoses within their own spe...

  45. Cognitive Dissonance: Is 2021 A Wake-Up Call?

    Listed in vaccination

    With the traumatic events of the past two years, it is not surprising that much of the population world-wide has suffered from cognitive dissonance and splintered into ‘sheeple’ (a ...

  46. Soften The Blow of Killer Heels

    Listed in back pain

    The ‘wow’ experience of trying on new designer high heels certainly brings the above dictionary definition to life to those who worship current fashion.  In the whirl of unboxing, r...

  47. Hidden Treasures in Apples Past Their Prime Part I

    Listed in nutrition

    Those who find this article relevant might be subject to the hopelessness and resignations of old age, likened to the aging wrinkled apple.  Many, aware that they cannot put the clo...

  48. Hidden Treasures in Apples Past Their Prime Part II

    Listed in nutrition

    Owing to the broad scope of this subject, I have focussed more on community living but the principles of awakening the treasures within, as yet unvalued in the hurley burley life of...

  49. Living Life on the Train of Illusions

    Listed in psychospiritual

    Most, if not all of us, are born to parents already travelling on the train and we learn the travelling rules and regulation from the off.  As if in a trance, we imbibe a world of d...

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