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  1. 7 Lesser Known Facts About Wisdom Teeth

    by Dr Anu Isaac

    Prehistoric man had a tough life. Their meals consisted of whatever they had hunted during the day. Raw meat, along with raw fruits, vegetables, freshly plucked from the trees aroun...

  2. 7 Tips on Properly Brushing and Flossing With Braces

    by Dr Satish Pai

    There are various set of aftercare instructions you get from your orthodontist after your braces treatment, including brushing with braces. It is vital to follow all the instruction...

  3. 8 Benefits of Having Straight Teeth

    by Dr Satish Pai

    Having a naturally beautiful smile has a big impact on your life as it enhances how society perceives you, your personality and attractiveness. People who tend to have straight, bri...

  4. Bruxism, TMJD and Migraines - The Terrible Triad

    by Dr Yasmin Shakarchy

    The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge that connects the lower jawbone (mandible) to the rest of the skull. This joint is connected to different parts of the body including ...

  5. Case Study: Silver Toxins: the Acne Connection

    by Dr Khush Mark

    This column reveals the importance of teeth in relation to the rest of the body and its connection on acne through a case study.

  6. Dental Amalgam Fillings is the Number One Source of Mercury in People

    by Anon

    Dental Amalgam Fillings is the Number One Source of Mercury in People -and- Exposure Exceeds Government Health Standards for Inorganic mercury (vapor)

  7. Dental Anxiety Effects on Quality of Life

    by Dr Nigel Carter

    Being apprehensive about paying a visit to a dental professional is an incredibly common problem. As many as one in five[1] reportedly suffer from some level of uneasiness, rangin...

  8. Dental Infections: Why You Should Be Concerned

    by Graeme Munro-Hall

    The object of this article is not to alarm people but supply up to date relevant information about dental infections and their possible consequences so that informed decisions conce...

  9. Dental Posture Interactions for Optimal Health

    by Malcolm Levinkind

    Specialist paediatric dentist Malcolm Levikind presents some of the key evidence that shows that dental bite (occlusion) can influence an individual's posture, and therefore genera...

  10. Dentists Point out Some Bad Habits That Could Be Ruining Your Teeth

    by Simon Morris

    Dentists firmly believe that you must maintain healthy gums and teeth if you wish to keep dental issues at bay. You must appreciate the fact that good oral hygiene habits including ...

  11. Explaining the Concept of Cranio Dental & Skeletal Symmetry - How your Jaw Links with your Hip

    by M Amir

    I have been researching the subject of Cranio Dental and Skeletal Symmetry (CDSS) ever since I first managed to help a patient suffering from severe migraines, which had hospitalise...

  12. Hall V-Tox: Part I

    by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

    V-Tox treatment is a combination of high dose vitamin C infusions, dental treatment and diet alteration to restore patients to optimum health. V-Tox was originally developed for pa...

  13. Hall V-Tox: Part II

    by Dr Graeme Munro-Hall and Dr Lilian Munro-Hall

    Continuing with the second and final part on the Hall V-Tox treatment for the removal of metal and environmental toxins

  14. How to Detoxify from Mercury Amalgam Fillings

    by Klaus Ferlow

    Since Roman times cilantro (the other name is coriander) has been used as food and medicine. A study by DrYoshiaki Omura from the Heart Disease Research Foundation, New York, NY ha...

  15. Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

    by Emily Taylor

    You are right in worrying so as early orthodontic treatment is important as this is the time when your children’s jaws are still growing. The early orthodontic treatment allows your...

  16. Is Your Jaw Causing 'Labyrinthitis' and Other Ear Problems?

    by M Amir

    The labyrinth - An infection of this organ would be the most serious problem that anyone could possibly encounter and would possibly need immediate hospital treatment. Thankfully th...

  17. Keeping the Cost of Vital Dental Care Down

    by Natasha Bougourd

    Dental care is something we all know is important. While you might be brushing and flossing religiously, do you get your dental check-ups regularly enough? Or, like a third of adult...

  18. ME: Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Mercury Exhaustion?

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    The author looks at connections between musculature, the nervous system and the brain and examines similar symptoms of toxicity given different diagnostic “labels” by the medical sy...

  19. Mercury Amalgam Fillings - Removal & Detoxification

    by Catherine M Crawford

    Catherine Crawford, an aromatherapist with a diploma in nutritional medicine, describes how, at the age of 46, she decided to seek help from a sympathetic dentist to remove her ama...

  20. Mercury and Selenium - The Battle of the Elements

    by Dr RE Lister

    Dental students are taught that amalgams are composed of a mixture of metals with varying composition of mercury, silver, zinc, tin and copper. They are told that these individual ...

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