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Pelvis to Earth Alignment

by Alexander Barrie(more info)

listed in chinese oriental medicine, originally published in issue 263 - June 2020

It is a great privilege that we Homo-sapiens have been endowed with an Osseous Foundation by the ‘Powers That Be’ in that the bony frame, the skeleton, has been given a Base (pelvis) - but it is a Base that is elevated according to the height of the individual. This Base or ‘Foundation Of The Skeletal Frame’ is called: Pelvis.  Pelvis (Latin) meaning: basin or bowl shape.


Male and Female Pelvis

Male (Top) and Female (Below) Pelvis. Courtesy Wikipedia


The pelvic structure is of immense importance for many reasons as it holds within it our organs of reproduction, intestines for final absorption of distilled food and drink, and what may be called: The Power-House - the vital energetic work of the kidneys*, assisted by the dynamic force of the liver organ.[*]   In addition, the pelvis acts as the Regulator[*] to the osseous/bony frame the skeleton, in extraordinary ways and therefore to the body as a whole, but with the assistance of the Liver function. The Foundation or Base, the pelvis, at its angular position, should always be horizontal when we as homo-sapiens are standing upright and erect, in relation to the other bones of the body, and is of Primary Importance - the horizontal collar bone or clavicle[*] that is parallel to it, is of Secondary Importance.


Alexander Barrie 263 Pelvis to Earth Alignment


If we imagine an outward but plane trajectory extended from the horizontal pelvis, it parallels perfectly with the Visible Horizon of the spherical Mother Earth. (This is the dividing line engendered when the sky meets the earth). This idea should reveal a wider and somewhat more, unseen, perhaps abstract or energetic relationship we all have with our Blue Planet.  It is not an obvious connection but one that is there and just requires a little unfettered imagination to envisage.

Of the gifts of the Earth to us, it is not just the water we drink, the food that we eat, and the air that we breath, which sustains us, but the projected harmonious invisible geometric lines from our pelvises to the Earth’s circumference we unknowingly are favoured  with, that gives us extra support and nurture.  This aspect of nourishment no doubt helps to strengthen us physically, emotionally and mentally.


The Five Elements

Reproduced from Aromatherapy, Massage and Chinese Medicine by Joanne Baker


This Earth’s invisible way of nurturing, is also an additional stabilizing factor for us, as human animal beings, to compensate us for being two legged creatures, as we are in truth, somewhat unstable physically, emotionally and mentally by having the ability to move around:

When we are compared to the plants of the vegetal world.   All plants, like the trees, have roots that act as anchors for the plant’s stability.  Plants are planted, and cannot move other than by being swayed in the wind. 

We homo-sapiens do not have the privilege of being fixed in one place.  Being in one place always has an element of certainty and security about it – certainty in life that we humans just cannot get our heads around!

Gravity (That carries Heavenly Yang Chi)[*] is another stabilizing factor given to us, as our bodies endure the pressure and the firmness of restrictive movement for our own good (saves us falling off the planet) except that when we suffer impairment of some kind, gravity is felt very much as inertia.  This inertia or torpor, has a profound disabling effect  upon us.  Particularly so when we are interiorly out of balance due to any of our vital  organs suffering dysfunction of a particular kind. 

When our pelvises move out of kilter, or are moved out of kilter (contusion), this horizontality, as mentioned above, is compromised and thus, we are not consonant now with the earth’s visible-horizon.  This will have the depressing effect, as just mentioned, to our mental emotional and physical well-being and also, we are not really aware of the probable cosmic implications?  This idea just proposed (Cosmos) will no doubt for some of us, be difficult to accept - proof, for a few of us is required, to allow general acceptance of this strange concept! 


Chinese Medicine Five Elements Correspondences

Chinese medical scientists used the Five Elements theory to classify the human body's organs,
physiological activities, and pathological reactions.


Gravity as we know it, is the medium, the carrier-wave employed to deliver Yang / Masculine / Heaven’s force (read end pages).  This Heaven’s Force is cosmically centrifugal in character.  Its action when applied to the mundane (when it hits physical matter) however, is always downwards and descending to enable its power to manifest and to innervate material things, and thus supply the spark of life to them, and in this way galvanize them into action/life.[*]

The invisible power of the Earth, is naturally Yin/Feminine and Cohesive,[*] and is centripetal in character.  Its action, however, when applied to Heavenly matters is always upwards and ascending to enable its ramifications, usually in the form of structures both coarse and refined, to absorb the spark of life (Heaven’s Force), and thus gain a foothold within these structures/ramifications enabling life as we know it to exist and to thrive.[*]

We have to bear in mind too, astronomically speaking, the fate of the world’s inhabitants - that is, all living things - if there were no rotation of the Earth on its axis, they/we, would be crushed into oblivion.

The Earth whose natural forces are centripetal, but by its rotation around its own axis, converts these forces to move upwards and outwards in their ascent and becoming  centrifugal in action, counteracts the crushing downward and descending Heavenly force perpetually in operation by being carried by gravity. The Heavenly Yang Force is continually attracted to everything and anything that has physical properties.

Thus, Yin integrates with Yang and Yang integrates with Yin - this is the fascinating paradox of, and in life, and requires a clear mind and a concentrated study to comprehend all of its true inner and outer meanings.

In this way, Heaven/Yang attracts Earth/Yin and vice versa.  This astonishing cosmic arrangement of compelling attraction, as is the positive pole of a given magnet to the negative pole of a different magnet, virtually cannot be pulled apart,  then everything in creation has to be paired to be viable.

Outlined below are further discussions referring to the asterisks above

Of the Kidneys, energetically they supply the fundamental motive force to all the other organs of the body assisting in maintaining their integrity and determining the strength of our Constitution.  When Kidney Chi is exhausted, usually in old-age, death ensues! 

Of the Liver, though anatomically placed on the right side of the hypochondrium, energetically its powerful influence determines the strength of all the functions within the abdomen below the umbilicus.  Its work has to do with the proper employment or deployment of this precious energy or Chi that the kidneys create, hold, supply and excrete.  That is, a puissant liver will ensure good and sensible use of this treasured Kidney Chi which all the other structures and visceral organs require for their proper functioning. 

            Liver Chi has overall control of our strength and endurance.  Needless to say, it assists total Regulation of the body’s functions, but it is also involved most definitely with human emotions.  The Liver Regulates all physiological functions within the body, viscerally especially.  The Pelvis, though, Regulates the bony frame (skeleton) and therefore all physical movement. 

            As the Regulator to the whole body, the pelvis is likened to a weighted spinning wheel, but its actual motion is both up and down (superior/inferior) hip-wise - this motion is emphasized especially as we walk.  Walking being of the utmost importance and a splendid form of exercise.

            Every machine has a built-in Regulator.  Every car for instance has a flywheel, fixed usually at one end of its engine’s crank-shaft - it is there to regulate the motion of the engine by storing kinetic energy to enable it [the engine] to run smoothly.  Some of you will remember the old road steam-rollers with their enormous wheel shaped cowling above and at the side of the main engine.  Within it is its flywheel for the smoothness of the steam-engine’s motion.

            Further, as mentioned above, within our mammalian bodies, one of the functions of the energetic (Chi) effects of the Liver is to take charge and to act as policemen to the whole body, ensuring continuity of the body’s total functioning. 

            It is also not surprising that the energetic work of Liver Chi therefore, has great influence within the very lower portions of the body, particularly below the umbilicus, as mentioned above, to assist the Regulation of the movement of the pelvis, in this way enabling smooth motion of the lower and the upper parts of our bodies.  This has to include the healthy functioning of the components of the abdomen generally - and also includes excellent performance of the sexual organs.

            It is more than likely, that in the early days of developing humanity, the Elders of tribes and of clans and of subsequent nations that came into being understood the need to develop native dancing precisely to keep good Regulation to the pelvis, and therefore to the body and especially its lower parts.  All nations of the world have or had their native way of dancing; alas in modern times, these incredible dance spectaculars are forgotten or almost forgotten and especially so as regards to their prime purpose.

            Taking this Regulation aspect to a cosmic level,  scientists know, and have known since the 1960s that Planet Jupiter has, as part of its cosmic function, the capacity in its curious way, to bring back to normal the cyclic rhythm to other planets and moons within our Solar System, that have deviated from their normal rotation and/or circuit around the Sun.  A deviation from the norm that may happen engendering an anomaly within the Solar System’s construct - and these deviations do happen for many reasons, though mainly from the mixed gravitational pushes and pulls from inside and from outside of the Solar System itself.  Planet Jupiter polices these irregularities and the norm is restored.  Returning to Lock-Phase is the scientific term used. 

Esoterically speaking, as each visceral organ in the body is ruled by a different planet, as are the days of the week, it so happens that Planet Jupiter is Lord over the Liver organ and its functions.  This is on a physical and on a psychological level in mammals especially !

            Of the clavicle that is parallel to the horizontality of the pelvis, it mimics the pelvic movement but in reverse, in that, if say, the pelvis rises on its right side walking-wise, the clavicle will descend by the same number of degrees on its right side.  The same is true also when the pelvis rises on its left side, the clavicle will descend on its left side.

            If the pelvis is stuck on one particular side having ascended (superior), then the clavicle on that same side will tend to remain descended (inferior).  Hence, the shoulders appear deviated from the norm; pain ensuing.  Of course we are talking about the dysfunctional pelvis totally commonplace and leading to all types of back-pain and other musculoskeletal aches and pains - lovely!  Leg length discrepancy is always a feature of bony pelvic dysfunction. 

            Heavenly Yang Chi is many things, but is best held in the mind as being the Masculine Creative Force that innervates, vitalizes and galvanizes all things and in this way generates life, within life’s myriad forms. 

            Earth’s Yin Chi is many things, but is best held in the mind as being the Feminine Force that supplies the structures and the ramifications of all things, and this enables the Heavenly Masculine Force to manifest and to give purpose to these structures and multifarious forms to enable mundane existence as we know it.

            Look at your mobile telephone that is a Yin/Female structure, but quite dead without Yang/Male electricity to bring it alive.  Without structure, Yang energy is without purpose and nothing is possible.  Neither can exist without the other - a perfect marriage; a perfect union!

Further, on the Cosmic theme of the ‘REGULATOR’

            If we take the Moon and the Earth connection, then we should consider that the Moon acts as The Regulator to the Earth, as it forms a lattice web of sorts in its monthly path around the Mother Earth.  This Regulation by the Moon to the Earth is essential because, without the Moon’s input, the Earth’s motion on its axis and on its elliptic journey around the Sun would be so unstable as to make life on Earth impossible to endure and therefore to obtain.

            In addition, as the Moon rules the minute by minute timing with life’s fecundity, our Blue Planet Earth would be sterile and without life.

            Further, in the same way, but on a much larger scale, The Planets as such, conduct essential Regulation to the Sun.  Without the Planets operating as servants to the Sun, it [The Sun] would be unstable, such as to disallow life to take place anywhere within its Solar System. 


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