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  1. A Balanced Way Column; Daoist Tips for the 21st Century – Strength In The Time Of Covid

    by Vicki McKenna

    I know from personal experience, having contracted poliovirus (as a baby), the catastrophic effects a virus can have on your body and your life. The Covid 19 virus can wreak havoc f...

  2. A Balanced Way; Daoist Tips for 21st Century Living: The Trick Is To Keep Swimming

    by Vicki McKenna

    In the face of the current credit crunch and contraction in the economy, the author, through the example/analogy of swimming, shares her thoughts on the Daoist way of meeting thi...

  3. A Balanced Way; Daoist Tips For The 21st Century: A Balanced Way of Loving

    by Vicki McKenna

    Worldwide, during the recent pandemic, so many of us had to deal with the trauma of loss through the death of a loved one or because we were isolating from family and friends. And i...

  4. A Balanced Way; Daoist Tips For The 21st Century: Trust Your Disease

    by Vicki McKenna

    Recently I came across a well-known ‘new age’ author explaining why she thinks she got cancer; according to her it was due to fear. She described how she was afraid of everything, i...

  5. A Balanced Way: Daoist Tips for 21st Century Living: Simplify, Simplify

    by Vicki McKenna

    In this column, the author looks at how we can live simply in today’s complex world and the attitudes we can alter within us to achieve this. 

  6. A Balanced Way: Daoist Tips for the 21st Century – Surviving Self-Isolation

    by Vicki McKenna

    I am writing this at a time when the first wave of the corona virus pandemic has abated and we all feel a sense of relief. Nevertheless we may well have to face a second wave of the...

  7. A Balanced Way: Daoist Tips for the 21st Century: Training the Emotions

    by Vicki McKenna

    Daoist philosophy tells us that there are two aspects within the psyche - the mind of emotion or Fire Mind which resides in the Heart and the mind of intent or Water Mind which resi...

  8. A Healthy Dose Of Compassion

    by Vicki McKenna

    As I write this article the world has recently witnessed terrorist atrocities in France and in Germany along with horrendous bombing of Syria and most of us will have reacted to ...

  9. A Strong and Sexual Being

    by Vicki McKenna

    Many cultures and religions have made, and continue to make, the argument that as men and women are born with clearly different sexual characteristics so these differences determine...

  10. All the Time in the World

    by Vicki McKenna

    A balanced way of living; Daoist tips for 21st century living. The author gives an example of a shift from a sense of leisure, of time spreading out before her, to suddenly, as a r...

  11. An Ancient Remedy for Children with Nephrotic Syndrome

    by Yao Jie Blair

    This article looks at Nephrotic syndrome, which occurs when the kidneys leak a large amount of protein into the urine, resulting in a lower level of protein in the blood. Protein...

  12. Aromastrology - the Art of Scent

    by Michael James Edmondson

    Aromastrology harnesses the scented power of aromatic essential oils to the Chinese lunar astrology system that gave birth to both the Chinese civilisation and the energy art of Chi...

  13. Balancing Your Internal Climate

    by Liz Koch

    This article, co-authored with Martin Grasby LAc, focuses on finding our internal balance which, the authors say, should not be confused with ridding oneself of unwanted emotions. ...

  14. Body Rhythm Cycles Around the Clock

    by Vicki McKenna

    All those of us who have experienced times of instability will confirm that when our routines are no longer there to support and ground us through the day we can feel off balance.

  15. Chinese Culinary Herbs

    by Susanna Dowie

    In the west, our choice of foods is frequently driven by taste alone. However, a look at Chinese dietary principles can lead us back to a clearer focus of how we can use foods to b...

  16. Chinese Face Reading for Health

    by Maura Bright

    The ancient art of face reading has been used since the time of Confucius by Chinese doctors as an aid to diagnosis and a way of helping their patients. Close observation of the fa...

  17. Chinese Healthcare

    by Maria Mercati

    This column touches on the current state of Chinese healthcare…Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), such as Herbal Medicine and Diet, Qi gong and Tai Chi, including Acupuncture and ...

  18. Chinese Herbal Medicine in the West

    by Stefan Chmelik

    Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) is a relative newcomer in the West compared to acupuncture, which has had a significant profile since Nixon's trip to China in the seventies.

  19. Chinese Herbal Remedies for Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Psychosis

    by Joel Harvey Schreck

    The author believes that TCM can not just help alleviate mental health problems, but actually cure them.  In any case, they can be used as an adjunct to other treatments, and are ‘...

  20. Chinese Medicine - An Art of Balance

    by Jamie (Qianzhi) Wu LAc MD (China)

    Chinese medicine is about the balance, including the balance of Yin and Yang inside human body, the balance of energy and substances, and the balance of internal and external enviro...

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