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Alexander Barrie MRSS CSTA Dip MS Astrol Back-Pain Consultant is a Physician of Natural Therapies. He is the Founder of The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™︎, Registered Craniosacral Therapist, a Registered Shiatsu Practitioner and British Wheel of Yoga Teacher. He is also an Astrologer and Musician and author of: Wholesome Is Our Precious Gender Divide, Essay I-Say and Correct Your Pelvis & Heal Your Back-Pain. Alexander is Married, a Father and Resides in North West London UK. He may be contacted at the Alexalign Clinic, also in Harrow on Tel: 020 8423 5659; alexalign.uk@gmail.com   www.alexaligntherapies.com    www.alignedwellnessacademy.com/

Articles by Alexander Barrie

  1. The Alexander Barrie System Of Pelvic Correction

    Listed in back pain

    The author, a Registered Shiatsu Practitioner and Registered Cranio-sacral Therapist, has developed a system for correcting the position of the pelvis through observation, empirical...

  2. The Chinese View of the Elements - How their Character and Qualities Support and Maintain One Another

    Listed in chinese oriental medicine

    The following essay represents a comprehensive study of the Foundation Elements mainly from the Chinese metaphysical viewpoint - its contents will require a certain amount of study ...

  3. Post Treatment Re-Action following the Application of Alternative Medicine

    Listed in energy medicine

    Many 'alternative' therapies engender a re-action as a result of administering their remedies first time round for a given ailment. These re-actions usually do not exceed beyond the...

  4. Pelvis to Earth Alignment

    Listed in chinese oriental medicine

    It is a great privilege that we Homo-sapiens have been endowed with an Osseous Foundation by the ‘Powers That Be’ in that the bony frame, the skeleton, has been given a Base (pelvis...

  5. Supporting Our Immune System - Plus Divulgence

    Listed in immune function

    We are bombarded, information-wise, from all quarters as to how we may reduce the possibility of contracting this globally, thought to be accursed, Coronavirus, but also to learn th...

  6. Entropy is Required to Enable Us Humans to Live a Life with Fewer Health Disorders

    Listed in immune function

    Entropy in the philosophical and much wider sense, in which it is generally understood, has much to do with loss and deterioration but with an added bonus!  With any new project, ve...

  7. The Quintessence Above the Tangible and the Mundane

    Listed in immune function

    If you are taken blindfolded into two different kinds of building facilities, you will almost automatically pick up the atmosphere and the ethos belonging to each.  If say, the fir...

  8. Controversy in Optimism v. Pessimism

    Listed in holistic psychotherapy

    Pandemic phenomena are powerful detrimental influences that are cosmic in origin, and were understood as such by ‘The Powers That Be’ in ancient times.The means of transmission of P...

  9. Science is the New Church – God Forbid

    Listed in authority rights freedom

    Editor’s Note: Please note that the publishers of PH Online do not necessarily agree with all the content of the following editorial feature, but publish this as an alternative exp...

  10. WOKE

    Listed in psychospiritual

    It is so foul, in my opinion, the sound of this word Woke when applied as a noun or as an adjective.  Its ugliness describes perfectly the modern perversion of denying the meaning a...

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