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Science is the New Church – God Forbid

by Alexander Barrie(more info)

listed in authority rights freedom, originally published in issue 290 - November 2023


Editor’s Note: Please note that the publishers of PH Online do not necessarily agree with all the content of the following editorial feature, but publish this as an alternative expression of the official Medical and Covid narrative.

As half of all & everything is hidden-in-plain-sight, lateral thinking is required to resolve the viewing of this every-day conundrum

Hamlet: “There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio than are dreamt-of, in your philosophy”.

In simple terms, this profound Shakespearean quote means: That there exists a reality that is not entirely mundane or temporal but is of the more ethereal and diaphanous and therefore belongs to the realm of thought and ideas – thought and ideas that are generated by inspiration and indeed revelation; but revelation that has about it the creed and the cadence of truth. 

Further, in so many departments of life, we see, hear and do things under a veil of ignorance and muddle – ignorance and muddle engendered by the scientific approach to all and everything – the scientific method has merit of course in so many facets of life, but in so many instances, it does so at the cost of generating befuddlement and deception in its endless examination of the overwhelming weight of data and detail, and therefore, in its inevitable inherent contradictions.

The Scientific Method of investigation in whatever subject limits the ‘bigger picture’ as it becomes lost and confused in its examination of detail in all matters of interest, and therefore only occasionally ‘sees the wood for the trees’.  Because of this, what is produced and what is introduced, is probably defective, and that defectiveness tragically and very likely, becomes mainstream in the way of our thinking, doing things, and in our way of life – especially nowadays with our obsession with the Science Method, as it wheedles its way into every department of life and becomes ‘the sacred cow’ for most of humanity as it blindly follows the madness of present-day technology – indeed it [Science] is: The New Church !

As time passes, we see the need for reform as that way of thinking and those ways of doing things do not produce the results desired but have only manifested division and derision.  When reform does take place, yet again, either personal reform or national reform, especially national reform, the same ineptitude in most temporal matters is conspicuous – why is this? 

Perceiving The Higher Truth

Bearing in mind: scientifically speaking, different frequencies create different forms - the higher the frequency in vibration, the less physical form is generated.  Meaning, that vibrations of various frequencies are responsible for creating different forms of matter.  Say for instance: the idea of a design for a particular chair is in the mind of its artisan – then the idea is first and the production and the making of the chair is second.  The idea is ethereal and first in line and is of an extremely high vibrational frequency and the eventual chair is its material manifestation or reflection and which is second in line and is of a much lower frequency in vibration.

In the same way, analogously, the all-embracing higher thinking with regard to say, wholesale vaccination – vaccination of our infant children without their consent for instance, means the realisation that childhood illnesses exist as a means of challenging the strength of the immune systems of these very young individuals to enable their biological processes to become stronger.  In this way, giving these very infant-beings a good start health-wise right at the beginning of their lives.

This is higher thinking that reflects the elements of wider vision and is therefore nearer to the truth – sentimentality is not involved in this way with reference to the childhood intercession by vaccinating them regardless of consequences, because individual children may be at a higher risk as they may already suffer health issues in infancy.  No, nature is not sentimental – sentimentality may be thought of as a flaw with which we homo-sapiens have to endure, especially in this modern epoch in which we all live.  In my opinion, Sentiment that is laudatory in itself, should not be thought-of in the same way as with the feebleness implied within the meaning of the word: Sentimental.

Of course there are one or two diseases that require intercession and these are the exceptions. To return to the higher frequencies that have not yet physically manifested an item of sorts, depending on the rate of the repetition of the vibrations in question, these higher frequencies inherently contain elements of purity and truth – truth that may be felt as well as perceived, and is pure and uncontaminated as yet, since it is within, and belongs to the higher realm above the temporal – the temporal level in which we poor beings have to live and be subject to the actual ‘muck and bullets’ of existence.

My point being, taking the idea of vaccination further, we in the Western World – the Western World in particular, seem to love to interfere in things, arrogantly thinking we may improve matters in all departments of life.  Whilst this is favourable in many instances, we really do not know when to stop and to think of the consequences of this wholesale and gratuitous interference in so many matters.  

Interfering and interceding in situations, may make things worse because we have not yet seen or witnessed the hidden underlying reality.  Our thinking is such that without forethought and without wisdom, car-crashes are the inevitable results always.  Car-crashes are to be thought of as metaphors describing unhappy and damaging or disastrous consequences.  

Returning to the vaccination theme again…..if we step back and look at the more universal picture, we may conclude that childhood illnesses are a blessing - their purpose is to challenge the individual immune systems of our children thereby engendering their constitutional strengths so necessary to accompany their individual lives enabling them to endure it [life] without having to give regular attention to it as adults health wise.

Yin & Yang Relevance

Many reading this will find it strange when I suggest, taking this subject further, that the higher frequencies in gender are Yang and towards Yang (Masculine) and the lower frequencies in gender are Yin and towards Yin (Feminine).  Masculine being inherently the panoramic view and towards Heaven and truth, and the Feminine inherently the nuts and bolts view and towards Earth and with it the necessity of proving the truth by being cognisant with the exact Details.

Therefore, there are always two points of view masculine/feminine both correct when seen in the right perspective, but divided when actually immersed within their own individual space.

Decisions made as to the future direction of a particular subject under discussion and to have wholesome direction in that decision, must surely include both points of view as outlined above, and should never be one sided. For example: The giving of charity abroad that is big-heartedness (extreme yang), and the sad lack of charity and support given to Home Matters engenders disastrous thoughts and attitudes in the minds of the native population.  Such an imbalance can only bring discontent and loathing amongst the masses. Conversely, have an extreme one-sided and fierce nationalistic self-centred society with a loathing of anything and anyone outside of its gigantic and destructive bubble (extreme yin) then distrust and falsehood rules the day, with  the sad absence of enlightenment.  Yang is expansive and is centrifugal in action, whilst Yin is centripetal and is contractile in action both when in-extremis.



Injection Splash Prick

Photo Credit: Peggy_Marco on Pixabay


Of the present day with the so called Covid 19 Pandemic, in my opinion, vaccination of the masses of people can only bring disaster to their general health, if not crippling illness.  

The reason is so simple to understand if we step back to look within the panoramic picture – pharmaceutical company profits, and the agenda of the cabal that rules the world aside – just envisage what our poor bodies have to endure, apart from our daily stress of worry, fear, anguish and ageing, including contaminated food we eat and with an EMF environment, and God knows what else, when being injected with lethal substances little understood, can only shorten our lives and/or make them exist but miserably.

Man-made viruses are no different from man-made countermeasures (vaccines/drugs), the motive is the same and that is the gratuitous attitudes of those authorities who think we need nostrums to make things better whatever the consequences – on the surface these countermeasures look so good, honourable and even idealistic but in the end when they are applied they only engender misery, distrust and hatred.

Just be aware of the kinds of ingredients put into the mix that makes-up the inoculation substance…..and then wonder what ‘the hell’ is going-on: Aluminium; Mercury Thimerosal; Aborted Baby Foetus; Tissue and Human Albumin; Formaldehyde; Antifreeze (ethylene glycol); phenoxyethanol ; Phenol; Methanol; Borax (sodium tetraborate decahydrate); Glutaraldehyde; Monosodium Glutamate (MSG); Sulfate and phosphate Compounds; Ammonium Sulfate; Gentamicin Sulfate;  and some !

The bitter reality is our detrimental interference with nature – nature so splendid that we think we can make it better without the need to live harmoniously with it, and in its workings.

Most of those who are given power to authorize unnatural substances to be disseminated unto the masses, are devoid of the imagination required to think ‘outside the box’ regarding the leading of the people, the nation, the tribe.  

In ‘olden days’, the leaders of a community intuited the answers needed for the direction of their people through deep supplication and meditation – meditation in the old sense.  With many of these cultures, especially ancient, an answer to an important problem to be solved came only following a Convention of sorts (Pow Wow). The Chiefs taking a narcotic substance and/or ritualistic wine to raise consciousness somehow received the right answer to an important question that involved the destiny of their people.  No ill-effects were experienced following this conclave/assembly of sorts as the taking of the narcotic and/or ritualistic wine was in context and solemnised with prayers and movement (purposeful native dancing for instance) and thus, it did what it was supposed to do.  Namely, to give the leaders/chiefs of that people the direction it was meant to take – we could learn so much from this ancient system of seeking direction but from within, and/or from above!

What Goes Around Comes Around

Toxic ingredients introduced into the bloodstream of the body must weaken it [the body] and therefore it is better and wiser to go down the route whence the challenge to our immune systems with viruses and bacteria is acceptable and to our advantage.  There is an interior pharmacy primed into action with every viral and bacterial onslaught – such happenings make us stronger and therefore in many ways are blessings to us. Just as when a person has his/her ‘back against the wall’ and succeeds in quashing the opposition usually interior opposition, and as a result learns the important lessons of life – lessons sufficient to make him/her succeed much more so than their contemporaries, because of that very hardship……and by inference, allowing these childhood illnesses to do their job including later life ailment-challenges such as with influenza (‘flu) - they/we will come-out stronger physically and mentally.

Nature created friction and resistance to challenge all of life; this includes our human health and our ability to endure sufferance.  There will always be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly vicissitudes in our lifetimes and we should suffer adversity – this is our way to redemption.  Redemption, little understood within the present modern-day ethos of our 21st century.


I postulate that most people who have been very badly affected by the Corona virus, which is really a serious variation of influenza A, are the ones who, undiagnosed, suffered and suffer unknowingly from the effects of other types of vaccination given at different times in their lives (the yearly ‘flu vaccination for instance).  Of course, there were other underlying health issues with these unfortunates – diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, back-pain and more.  Why have we allowed ourselves to deteriorate such as to invite these dreadful Conditions to pull us downwards and into disintegration?

Also, nobody has spoken of excessive drinking and smoking for instance, still commonplace habits amongst the many.  All these habits, and more, contribute to ill-health, not to mention the daily round affecting all of us of, worry, anger, fear and being ‘put-upon’.  Even worse, is the terrible detrimental effects of processed foods which we eat, their ingredients in truth are toxic to us – it seems there is no escape from harm that is present in all departments of life !

To end on the sad and depressing notes as outlined above has to be balanced with the brilliant endurance and optimism inherent within us humans – our sense of humour, our potential triumphant episodes in our histories and our inventiveness, reveal how adaptable we are as a species – it is not all bad!


  1. Edwin Salter said..

    The 'vibrations' bring a new meaning to "having a brainwave" (undetectable continuity vaguely reminds of homeopathy). It is not necessary to postulate when there is evidence (v. flu vaccinations and covid)

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