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  1. Health Freedom Restored to New York

    by Don Baker

    On July 26, 1994, the New York State Alternative Medical Practice Act was signed into law, marking further progress for non-drug therapies in New York.

  2. Independence and Freedom

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    Whenever people feel constrained by their environment, a power to break free is generated, whether it is breaking free from a government, from an authority or even from parents and ...

  3. Is Choice of Healthcare a Human Right?

    by Richard Eaton

    This article is intended to stimulate discussion about how the remit of the Human Rights Act 1998 may or may not apply to the activities of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)...

  4. Self-Empowerment – Mind over Matter

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    We live in a material world. That much should be obvious. This makes our first observations about life materialistic too. All we encounter seems to be a matter of matter. It appears...

  5. The Promise of a Better World Part I

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    The Covid pandemic is leading us away from the known normal and into a new normal, one that we, ordinary citizens, are not supposed to know yet. On a need-to-know basis we will be t...

  6. The Role of Authority

    by Dr Patrick Quanten

    Rules and regulations with the intention to avoid conflict, on the one hand, and the intention to increase efficiency on the other, are being invented every single day of our lives....

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