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Vital Signs for Cancer: Protect yourself from the onset or recurrence of cancer

by Xandria Williams MSc DIC BSc ARCS MD DBM

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[Image: Vital Signs for Cancer: Protect yourself from the onset or recurrence of cancer]

Xandria Williams is an experienced Naturopath who has written many books; she has a diverse scientific background.

The book starts with an impressive overview of cancer and what an alternative approach can give, and how it can tie in with conventional treatment processes. The emphasis, as ever in the field of Naturopathy, is focused on prevention. This therefore makes this book relevant to the general population, most particularly in families with a history of cancer in one or more relatives.

The book leads on to talk about how much the risk can be minimized, and focuses on sensible risk-prevention approaches. Clearly, poor diet is top of the list and the recommendation is for an organic diet. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies are discussed, and lead on to the digestive system, liver and the question of toxins. The area of toxins is a difficult area, because toxins and detoxification are both vague terms from a scientific point of view; however, they remain important. The general age-old detoxification techniques which are detailed in this book are still as valuable now as they have been for centuries.

The book goes on to talk about faulty glucose metabolism (insulin resistance), which is so common in our modern world. Also, there is an extensive section on stress, connected with adrenal dysfunction.

The area of poor immune function is perhaps not given as much prominence as it could be, and the book would have been better by referencing the extensive scientific literature on Immunobiology and the use of cancer vaccines (Dendritic Cell Vaccines).

The book, by implication, points to the failings of general medicine in general, and oncology in particular, as that when the conventional treatment process has ended, then the oncologist has nothing more to offer, and most often gives a blank stare when the patient asks them about the use of relevant supplements, and dietary approaches to reduce the risk of recurrence. This is a major failing of oncology, and it is where disciplines such as Naturopathy become most valuable.

Therefore this is an excellent book, and deserves a wide readership, which I sincerely hope it will get.

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